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A two-year labor of love went into making the most beautiful and authentic Kaleidoscope film.  The purposeful intent was to create a piece of art so that all may use it as a tool like the ancient masters did, to be mesmerized and induce a trance state.

First, a 3rd generation Kaleidoscope maker was chosen, then, a special camera had to be made in order to enter the long looking piece chamber to film the Kaleidoscope in motion, and last, beautiful music was specifically made for the film and for you.

Usage: "Creating alpha and even theta brain-wave states with your eyes open, and intentionally exposing ourselves to information relevant to our life's dreams and goals, we can reprogram ourselves into supernatural states rather than unconscious states we experience daily."  For further information about the Kaleidoscope and its use, refer to Chapter 8 in Becoming Supernatural.

1. Anima (40 minutes)
2. Aman  (31 minutes)

    Duel Layer DVD |  71 minutes  |  Dolby Stereo  |  NTSC  |  Region 0*

    Playable on most computers, US DVD players, Xbox, PlayStation, and newer/most International DVD players.

    This DVD is not available in download format and has been copyrighted, like most DVDs, so that people are unable to make copies or download onto computers.

    Created by Roberta Brittingham
    Kaleidoscope built by Michael Collier
    Music and Film by Frank Pisciotti

    ©2014 Roberta Brittingham. All Rights Reserved.