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The Healing Spirit by Diane Arkenstone (Music Album)


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Writing her first song at the age of three and started playing the guitar at the age of seven, Diane has worked on over 47 albums and plays various instruments such as the guitar, keyboard, wood flute, and percussion. She is a trained opera singer and has experimented with punk, heavy metal, and folk. Throughout all her experimentation, Diane has carried one true common theme to all her varied notes and nuance - the theme to her work has always been love. The loving energy she carries for the world flows through her spirit and into her songs.  Her sincere gratitude and kindness have shown throughout each of her timeless pieces.

Run Time: 65 Minutes

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"In searching for a way to bring comfort and healing to myself through music, this recording has produced a soothing and nurturing effect."  Diane Arkenstone.

This Album is used in the following Meditations:
Synchronizing Your Energy: To Abundance 
Synchronizing Your Energy: To Health
Synchronizing Your Energy: To Love
Synchronizing Your Energy: To the Mystical 
Synchronizing Your Energy: To a New Life
Unlocked: Set Yourself Free
(Advanced Meditation)
InnerMission: A Future for All (Advanced Meditation)

Music Highlights:
Used for Dr Joe guided meditations and at live retreats
Use for meditation and relaxation

1. The Secret Garden (7:54)
2. The Angels Voice (7:05)
3. A Gentle Touch (4:57)
4. Dreamscape (7:23)
5. Transformation (6:56)
6. Hidden World (7:42)
7. Ocean of Stars (8:01)
8. Sanctuary (5:29)
9. Waters of Life (6:48)
10. The Healing Spirit (3:44)

Genre: New Age 

SAMPLE: The Healing Spirit

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