Walking Meditation 1: Stepping into Your Future (1-CD)


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The purpose and explanation of this meditation may be found in Dr. Joe's Progressive Workshop, or Chapter 9 in Becoming Supernatural. Therefore, this meditation is recommended for those that have this knowledge and understand the mechanics behind it, and how it may help you.

Traditional Buddhist teachings identify four meditation postures: sitting, walking, standing and lying down. All four are profound means of cultivating the calm and clear mindfulness of the present moment and can be used to create your future destiny now.   

The purpose of a walking meditation is to train the mind to stay present while the body is in motion. Each step is in freedom, peace, health, joy, and self-liberation. You will start each affirmation by standing still and becoming heart-centered. You will then open your eyes and become transfixed on the limitless horizon and start walking into your future, creating the experience here and now.

1. Meditation  (75:53)
Instructional Booklet Enclosed

Music by Ben Leinbach with Manose, Tina Malia, Outlaw Dervish, Hans Christian, and Joshua Levy,
Songs: The Abyss, Earth, Entheos Ambient, Cerulean Version 2, Entheos Trance, Drift with Didjeridoo.
Music by 407 Music  Song: A New Beginning

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The Walking Meditation

Begin by finding a quiet space in nature. Disconnect from your external environment and anchor yourself in the present moment by closing your eyes. Acknowledge your heart center, where the soul and heart intersect with the unified field and bring elevated emotions such as gratitude, joy, inspiration, compassion, love, and so on to this center. If you are going to believe in your new future with all of your heart, it needs to be open and activated.

Rest your attention on the heart, allowing your breath to flow in and out of this center—ever more slowly, more deeply, and more relaxed—for about two minutes. Return to creating elevated emotions within your heart for two to three minutes. Radiate that energy into the space surrounding your body in space and stay present with that energy. Tune in to the energy of your future.

After a few minutes, hold a clear intention in your mind’s eye. You might pick a representative symbol that connects you to the energy of your future (discussed further in the book Becoming Supernatural). Change your state of being with the feelings of these elevated emotions, and focus on broadcasting that new electromagnetic signature into the field. Remain in this state for two to three minutes.

Next, open your eyes, and without looking at anything or anyone, open your focus and keep your awareness on the space around your body in space while maintaining a trance state. Begin walking with your eyes open while you stay entranced. With each step you take, embody that new energy—that new frequency of whatever you’re creating in your future. As you take this energy with you during your waking, daily life, walking as your new self, you are activating the same neurological networks and producing the same level of mind as when you meditate with your eyes closed.

Next, remember your future. Let the images come, feeling them and embodying them. Own them. Become them. Continue to walk for about ten minutes, and then stop to recalibrate. Once again, close your eyes and raise your energy. Stay present with this energy for about five to ten minutes. For the next ten minutes, with your eyes open in trance, walk again with intent and purpose as your future self. With each step you take, embodying this new energy, you move closer to your destiny and it moves closer to you.

Do this cycle two times. When you finish the second round, stop and stand still one last time, really focusing on how you feel with your fourth energy center open. You can use this opportunity to affirm who you are, based on how you feel. For example, if you’re feeling unlimited, you can acknowledge, “I am unlimited.” Next, place your hand over your beautiful heart, and be willing to feel valuable and worthy enough to receive what you have created. Raise your energy to its zenith and feel gratitude, appreciation, and thankfulness.

Now acknowledge the divine within you—the energy that powers you and gives rise to all of life. Give thanks for a new life before it’s made manifest. Acknowledging the power within you, ask that your life be filled with unexpected wonder, synchronicities, and coincidences that create joy for existence. Radiate your love while loving your new life into existence.


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Do not listen to any meditation audio recordings while driving or operating machinery or equipment.

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