Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind Meditation (Download)


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The purpose and explanation of this meditation can be found in Dr. Joe's Progressive Workshop, or his new book, Becoming Supernatural, Chapter 5. Therefore, this meditation is recommended for those that have this knowledge and understand the mechanics behind it, and how it may help you. An additional beneficial review before playing this meditation can be found in Chapters 3 & 6 in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. 

Does your mind control your body? Or does your body control your mind? 

Most people exist in a state in which the body has “become” the mind, a state where they are ruled almost exclusively by the body and how it feels. Furthermore, most of us have been conditioned to believe that we need a reason to be happy, a reason for joy, a reason to feel gratitude. We are waiting for something outside of us to change how we feel inside of us. This is the cause and effect of the Newtonian Model of Thinking. This meditation, like the Quantum Model of Reality, is about “causing” an effect.   

Our genes are as changeable as our brains. The latest research in genetics shows that different genes become activated at different times – they are always in flux and being influenced. There are experience-dependent genes that are activated when there is growth, healing, or learning; and there are behavioral state-dependent genes that are affected during stress, emotional arousal, or dreaming. 

During this guided meditation, you will first engage in creating Brain Wave coherence. You will then follow Dr. Joe's instructions and allow yourself to live in a potential new future now to the extent that your body begins to accept or believe that you’re experiencing the elevated emotions of that new future outcome in the present moment. It is not just the brain that is at work influencing matter, but the body as well. It is your state of being (when mind and body are one), as an observer, which affects the external world. 

When you teach your body emotionally what health, abundance, and genius is, you will begin to signal new genes in new ways. You will tap into a library of potentials that exist for you, and then you will learn to let go and let the experience happen. By changing your internal environment—the way you think and feel—you will then see how your efforts alter your external environment. 

Create an unknown, new, future experience for yourself, and then, when an unforeseen event occurs in your favor, you will be pleasantly surprised!

1: Introduction 5:26 
2: Breath 7:38 
3: Meditation 45:48 

Run Time: 58.9 minutes 
Breathing Music “Ignite the Heart” from the Album Ignite the Heart. Meditation Music “Ambiology 1: The Heart” by Barry Goldstein

Also Available in CD Format.

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