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Falling into Love with Your Body (Download)

English Download  When you open your heart and feel elevated emotions like gratitude and a love for life, energy moves into your heart and you feel more whole and connected... Learn More


Blessing of the Energy Centers IV: Embodying the Unified Field (Download)

English Download    -     Foreign Languages Click HereEach release of the Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation is an advancement from the previous one.  In order to receive the best benefits from this... Learn More


Breaking Habits & Addictions: A Program for Making New Choices (Download)

English Download    -     Foreign Languages Click HereAre you ready to break a habit or addiction?  You keep making the same choices over and over again to feel comfortable and stay with the... Learn More


You Are the Placebo Meditation #2 (Download)

English Download    -     Foreign Languages Click HereMeditation 2:Dr. Joe Dispenza has created two different meditations to accompany his book You Are the Placebo.  On this shorter 50-minute meditation, Dr. Joe walks you... Learn More


Empowering the Power Within (Download)

English Download  Recommended meditation for those who have read Becoming Supernatural or attended Dr. Joe’s Progressive Workshop, and have been practicing the first Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation.  As... Learn More


Turning Your Love Inward (Download)

English Download    -     Foreign Languages Click HereA Guided Meditation for Women & MothersMany mothers and working women experience the constraints of time, the challenge of balance, and the challenge of taking time... Learn More


Kaleidoscope DVD

DVD A two-year labor of love went into making this most beautiful and authentic Kaleidoscope film.  The purposeful intent was to create a piece of art so that all may use... Learn More


The Place Where Thoughts Become Things: A Guided Children's Meditation (Download)

English Download    -    Foreign Languages Click HereThis mini-meditation was created for children around the ages of 5 – 12 years. The purpose of this meditation is to help children understand that... Learn More


Body Parts-Space Meditation Version 2 (Download)

English Download    -     Foreign Languages Click HereRewire your mental and emotional circuitry as you are lead through a guided meditation that will sustain change from the inside out!Body Parts-Space Version 2... Learn More


Walking Meditation 2: Walking with the Divine (Download)

English Download    -     Foreign Languages Click HereThis meditation is designed for students who have already been practicing Walking Meditation 1 by Dr. Joe. Please be sure to read Becoming Supernatural and have an understanding of the... Learn More


Special: Becoming Supernatural Meditation Package (8-CD/1-DVD)

English CD/DVD    -    Foreign Languages Click HereGift Specials are wonderful gifts to give away or to keep for yourself!This special package includes the following 8 meditations and the Kaleidoscope DVD recommended... Learn More


Project Coherence: Raising the Earth's Electromagnetic Field (Download)

English Download    -     Foreign Languages Click HereLivestream Global Meditation - Over 6,000 People from 77 Countries have Participated! Research has shown that when we cultivate the emotional states of care, love, and... Learn More


Becoming Supernatural Audio Book (Download)

English Download    -    Foreign Languages Click HereListen at home, in your car, on your computer, or import to your smartphone or tablet!  Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon,... Learn More