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Marco Island Livestream


In these unprecedented times of extreme polarity - where we are constantly being bombarded with information which causes us to become more divided and fractured - this livestream is an invitation to learn how to wire the wisdom of your heart to your brain.

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Please note that no refunds are offered for Livestreams.

“The brain thinks, but the heart knows”  Dr Joe Dispenza

Your heart center is the center of wholeness, a place that exists beyond polarities. It is the center from which you create, the seat of the soul, and unwavering to duality. This teaching is about learning how to synchronize your heart to your brain. Once you understand the teaching and the science behind this process, the COMMUNION meditation will allow you to begin receiving vital information from your heart. When your heart speaks directly to you—instead of receiving information from anything outside of you—it will reveal information that is relevant to your journey in life. 

During the lecture and in the meditation, Dr Joe will also introduce a breath that will be new to many—a breath which draws energy from the earth and the cosmos into the heart. 

When you purchase a Livestream, you will receive the following:

Unlimited Viewing Access

You will have unlimited viewing access until February 10th, 2021. This will allow you to practice the COMMUNION meditation and learn how to synchronize information from your heart to your brain.

One Free Month of Dr Joe Live Subscription

Each month Dr Joe teaches a live class, followed by an opportunity for you to ask him a question directly. Topics include the latest scientific discoveries; health and wealth; love and relationships; neuroscience and epigenetics; happiness and vitality; the quantum model of reality; how you can make great and lasting changes in yourself and your life. 

Free Week Long Advanced Retreat Raffle

One lucky livestream registrant will win a free Week Long Advanced Retreat registration. The winner can use this for any Week Long Advanced Retreat that takes place in 2021 or 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the viewing access work?

Everybody who registers will receive a viewing link via email on January 1st, 2021. Be sure you are checking the email address that you registered with, check your spam/junk folders if needed. If you would like to receive text message updates as well, please edit your Account Profile on our website and add your mobile number. By doing this, you are agreeing to receive SM messages from Encephalon, Inc. The livestream will be accessible for viewing until it expires on February 10th, 2021. The COMMUNION: WIRING YOUR HEART TO YOUR BRAIN livestream will be broadcasted live on Tuesday, January 5th at 4PM ET.  You should plan to spend between 3-4 hours on the Livestream.

After it airs live, you will be able to access the lecture and meditation whenever you would like and you will have full viewing controls such as pause, play, fast forward and rewind. The livestream is not available for download.

How long will the livestream last?

The livestream will take place on Tuesday, January 5th.  It will begin at 4PM ET. Dr Joe wants you to learn and experience everything he has to offer during his COMMUNION:WIRING YOUR HEART TO YOUR BRAIN lecture and guided meditation. He does not want our viewers to be restricted by time but plan to spend between 3-4 hours on the Livestream. The stream could be less or more hours than predicted. 

If I am attending the Marco Island 2021 Week Long Advanced Retreat, do I get a discount for the livestream? 

Yes, all Marco Island 2021 Week Long Advanced Retreat participants receive a 50% discount on the Livestream. Encephalon will send an email to all confirmed registrants including the discount code.

How do I connect with customer support for the Livestream?

To connect with Encephalon's customer support, please click here

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