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Published Scientific Articles

The Large Effects of Brief Meditation Intervention on EEG spectra in Meditation Novices
This study investigated the impact of a brief meditation workshop on a sample of 223 novice meditators. Participants attended a three-day workshop comprising daily guided seated meditation sessions using music without vocals that focused on various emotional states and intentions (open focus). Based on the theory of integrative consciousness, it was hypothesized that altered states of consciousness would be experienced by participants during the meditation intervention as assessed using electroencephalogram (EEG). Brainwave power bands patterns were measured throughout the meditation training workshop, producing a total of 5616 EEG scans. Changes in conscious states were analysed using pre-meditation and post-meditation session measures of delta through to gamma oscillations. Results suggested the meditation intervention had large varying effects on EEG spectra...
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One-Minute Deep Breathing Assessment and its Relationship to 24-Hour HRV Measurements
This study examined the correlations between a 10-minute resting state period, a 1-minute paced deep breathing protocol, response to handgrip and 24-hour HRV measures in 28 healthy individuals. Based on the results of the initial study, the primary study examined the correlations between the 1-minute paced deep breathing assessment and 24-hour measures in a general population of 805 individuals. Overall, the findings from the studies suggested that the 1-minute paced deep breathing assessment had high correlations with the 24-hour measures of vagally mediated HRV, and with VLF power.
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