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Raiders/Ravers/Meditators weekend in Freaky Seattle!

Dr. Joe Dispenza / 05 November 2014

Raiders/Ravers/Meditators weekend in Freaky Seattle!

By Ann Killion
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A weekend in Seattle is always fun.  The crowd in town this weekend is especially eclectic.

As always, there are tons of Seahawks fans – they come from all over the region on game weekends and fill the hotels with their neon green and blue.  There’s a new strut to them this year: a World Championship strut.

Then there are the Raiders fans, bless their silver and black hearts.  They are representing themselves well here, despite the 0-7 record and 11 years without a winning record.  The streets of Seattle are full of Raiders fans.

Then there are the meditators.  My hotel was the site of a meditation conference, led by Dr. Joe Dispenza who teaches people how to “rewire” their brains.   “Are you here for meditation?” someone asked me. Not really.

And, finally, there are the Ravers.  There are thousands of teenagers and 20-somethings in Seattle for a two-night Freak Night Rave held at the WaMu Theater in Pioneer Square.  In a questionable form of parenting, many of these teenagers apparently were allowed to book hotel rooms with Mommy and Daddy’s credit card.  Someone died of a drug overdose – news reports say it was Ecstasy related – at the Halloween night Freak Night and 16 people were hospitalized.  So the Saturday night Freak Night was canceled by CenturyLink, which runs the WaMu. That meant waves of freaky teenagers were running amok in Seattle – dressed in onesies and tails and negligees, among other costumes – with  no Freak Night to attend. 

It all makes for a bizarre mix.  Not sure which of these groups are my neighbors in the room next door. But whoever they were – Raiders fans, Seahawks fans, meditators or ravers – they were partaking of Seattle’s legal product at about 9 a.m. this morning. And the smoke made it under the crack of the sealed door between our rooms.

Party on Seattle.

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