Wealth Testimonials

Rachel's Manifestation

After splitting from her husband, Rachel wanted to find a new house. She put it into her meditations, and within a few days found exactly what she wanted in every way.
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Rachel's Manifestation

What sort of potential do we have once we are able to tap into the divine source within us? In this story Rachel talks about a strange and miraculous event that she created from the unknown whilst doing her morning meditation.
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Ruth's Manifestation

"Manna falling from heaven" is the way Ruth describes how her intention to be financially comfortable and at the same time have the ability to "give", manifested in her life.
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Ingrid's Testimonial

Ingrid describes how a mystical event in her life caused her to turn her life completely around. After viewing Dr. Joe in the film "What The Bleep Do We Know" in 2004,
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Bruce's Testimonial

Bruce, an investment adviser, explains how he uses his intuition in order to predict market movements.
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Lizzi's Testimonial, Business Boomed!

My husband and I attended your workshop over the weekend. ..We have good results'. Where do I start? ... read more

Steve's Testimonial, Properity in Business

I have attended and experienced Dr. Joe Dispenza's Level One, Two and Three... read more

Tom's Testimonial, Causing an Effect

I am amazed that the first time I focused on a material thing it came into my life against all the odds of a 10... read more

Carey's Testimonial, Creating a New Reality

I have to say that I have had so many 'you are not going to believe this' moments since attending the... read more


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