Self Realization Testimonials

Gudruns Erfahrungsbericht auf Deutsch

Deutsch: Gudrun war beim Berlin Week Long Advanced Retreat mit der Intention dabei, ihr “altes Ich” hinter sich zu lassen. Zu ihrer Überraschung erhielt sie ein “Geschenk” während der Gruppenmeditation - ihre Schmerzen waren weg, und sie war voller Liebe und Dankbarkeit.
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Sabinas Erfahrungsbericht auf Deutsch

Deutsch: Sabina beschreibt, wie sie vor ungefahr 45 Jahren in den Bergen abstürzte. Diese Erfahrung brachte ihr Angst und Schrecken.
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Elke's Testimonial

At the Bonn Advanced Workshop in 2017, Elke began tearing down the emotional walls she had built around herself long ago as a protection mechanism.
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Erbil's Testimonial

Erbil questioned his life-long faith in God while attending the Berlin Week Long Advanced Retreat in May 2018.
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Meema's Testimonial

At the Sardinia Week Long Advanced Retreat, Meema describes her journey of healing from abuse and trauma.
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Ingrid's Testimonial

Ingrid was able to make the connection between her thoughts and her reality…she has the bruises on her arms to prove that thoughts of fear can manifest in the physical.
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Margarita's Testimonial

When Margarita began meditating during and after her Progressive Workshop, she had some profound experiences that changed the way she thought about life, death and immortality.
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Margarita's Testimonial in Spanish

When Margarita began meditating during and after her Progressive Workshop, she had some profound experiences that changed the way she thought about life, death and immortality.
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Bianca's Testimonial

Bianca was born into a life of extreme emotional stress. She learned how to meditate in her late teens, and gradually, over decades, taught herself how to restructure her thinking.
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Jessica's Testimonial

A veteran of four Advanced Workshops, Jessica experienced a profound realization about herself and her beliefs during the "challenge event" at the Santa Fe Week Long Advanced Retreat.
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Terri's Testimonial

An advanced meditator, Terri was dismayed to discover that Dr. Joe guides participants during his meditations. She faced the challenge, and learned how to "ride the wave" of his voice.
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Joy's Testimonial

Joy had a profound heart-opening experience during the walking meditation at the Santa Fe Advanced Week Long Retreat. She also shares a recent delightful manifestation experience.
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Dvora's Testimonial

After attending a Progressive Workshop, Dvora realized that living in "survival mode" had led her to a life of emotional stress and illness.
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Ellen's Testimonial

Ellen experiences profound anxiety, to the extent that she felt that she had to leave the London Progressive Workshop a day early.
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Sandra's Testimonial

Sandra describes having a superconscious brain episode during one of the meditations and then realizing that as a result she no longer needed to take anti-depressants to cope with her life.
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Larry's Testimonial

Larry speaks about creating two intentions for his life. After only two months or bringing those into his meditations, both of his intentions had manifested (and one in the most unusual of ways.)
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Ich trage mein Licht in die Welt

Die Arbeit von Dr. Joe hat mein Leben verändert und mich selbstbewusst gemacht. Das strahle ich aus und deshalb kommt nun alles zu mir. Ich ziehe die Dinge an, die ich brauche. .
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Henry's Testimonial

The Healing Power of Forgiveness! Henry describes how circumstances in his childhood led him as an adult to believe that forgiveness was "just words."
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Ute's Testimonial

Ute tells us about how she lost her ability to sing. After attending a Progressive Workshop, she manifested people and situations in her life that helped her regain her skill and confidence in singing.
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Tom's Testimonial

Tom speaks about a trans-formative experience that occurred during the Advanced Followup Workshop in Seattle, Washington in Oct/Nov 2014.
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Donna's Testimonial

Donna a successful Hay House author explains how Dr. Joe's books have inspired her to greatness
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Adwynna's Testimonial

While at the Advanced Workshop in Carefree, Arizona in April/May 2015, Adwynna makes a life altering realization.
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Susan's Testimonial

While at the Advanced Workshop in Carefree, Arizona in April/May 2015, Susan has a profound vision of family deceased.
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Lucy's Testimonial

Lucy speaks about overcoming her fears of the environment and technology. After bouts of unexplainable illnesses, this successful real estate agent was diagnosed with "Electro Hypersensitivity" and became a recluse as a result. Hear her story of triumph over her own fears.
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Suzie's Testimonial

Susie talks about being diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease after experiencing some oppressive relationships in her life. After finding Dr. Joe's work and dedicating herself to a regular and uncompromising routine of meditation practice, that she is now completely healed and healthy.
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Jorge's Testimonial

Jorge explains how he has discovered a power within himself that has emerged since being introduced to the meditative practices taught in Dr. Joe's workshops.
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Michael - Complete Control Over His Thoughts And Destiny

The website is actually for my teacher, since I do not have one of my own. I have many stories, but I have developed my conscious will over the years to immediately change any aspect of my state of being, or the whole state all around.... read more

Steve's Testimonial, Prosperity in Business

I have attended and experienced Dr. Joe Dispenza's Level One, Two and Three... read more

Tom's Testimonial, Causing an Effect

I am amazed that the first time I focused on a material thing it came into my life against all the odds of a 10... read more

Jan's Testimonial, Creating a New Reality

I am organizational development consultant and use expressive arts methodologies in my work to help... read more

Natlie's Testimonial, Causing an Effect

I stumbled upon your YouTube videos: Create Your Day, etc. I read your books: Breaking Habit & Evolve... read more

Alejandra's Testimonial, Healing

I have been doing your work now for about a year. I attended the first workshop in Kripalu and then did two Level 2... read more

Spyder's Testimonial, Creating a New Reality

Several times I've considered writing to you about my experiences in meditation. This time I just had... read more

Adam's Testimonial, Creating a New Reality

Reading Dr. Joe Dispenza's book 'Evolve your Brain' changed my life. I would recommend to anyone who... read more


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