Found Love Testimonials

Karen's Testimonial

Karen describes the intense yet loving energy she experienced during the group healing meditation at the Cancun Week Long Advanced Retreat.
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Renates Erfahrungsbericht auf Deutsch

Deutsch: Renate erzählt uns ihre Geschichte darüber, wie sie ihre leibliche Mutter wiedergefunden hat, nach Anwendung der Mediationen, die sie von Dr. Joe gelernt hat.
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Cynthia's Testimonial

Desperately grieving her son's suicide last year, Cynthia came to the Santa Fe Advanced Week Long Retreat to regroup and heal. ... read more

Rachel's Testimonial

Rachel was estranged from her ex-husband's family--her son's grandparents--for years, until she focused on healing the relationship during her meditations at the Cancun Advanced Workshop. ... read more

Bernd & Pam's Testimonial

Pam describes how she had focused on having a new relationship, and what attributes she wanted in a partner...and then she met Bernd at the Lake Garda Advanced Workshop in Italy.... read more

Miriam's Testimonial

Miriam says she was able to get through the death of her husband "in a blessed state" with the help of Dr. Joe's teaching and meditations.... read more

Thomas & Alexandra's Testimonial

Thomas shares his experience of "meeting" his future wife, Alexandra, and seeing their future together, during a walking meditation at the Advanced Follow-Up Workshop in Zurich.... read more

Tim's Testimonial

LOVE is the ultimate healing balm. Tim takes his inspiration from attending the Advanced Follow-up Workshop in Seattle in 2015 to those who need it the most.... read more

Connie Re-unites Her Family Through Love and Creating a New Future

Connie speaks about the remarkable changes that happened in her life after the Advanced Workshop in Colorado in 2013.... read more

Peter's Testimonial - Finds Love

Peter experiences a profound change in his life at Dr. Joe's Advanced Workshop in Denver Colorado in July 2013... read more


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