Healing Self Testimonials

Yidla's Testimonial

After Yidla experienced breaking her leg, her doctor's were mystified. She felt pain when she walked and could not find relief.
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Yidla's Testimonial en Espagnol

After Yidla experienced breaking her leg, her doctor's were mystified.
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Juan's Testimonial

Two marvelous stories, from one extraordinary being, of making the impossible...possible. Testimonial from the Advanced Workshop in Cancun Mexico in June 2017
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Russ's Testimonial

Russ describes how after a healing session at the Advanced Workshop in Cancun in June 2017, his hearing was restored.
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Sonya's Testimonial

"A Living Miracle" - Sonya describes being at death's door with a stage-4 Brain Tumor that left her without speech and in a wheelchair.
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Suzie's Testimonial

Susie describes how after doing the Walking Meditation at the Advanced Workshop in Cancun, Mexico, she no longer was experiencing pain in her legs and difficulty in walking.
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Sarah's Testimonial

Hear more about Sarah's story from her on-stage testimonial with Dr Joe in Seattle - https://youtu.be/z0lClycUXOo
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Tracey's Testimonial

A remarkable story of being touched by the hand of the divine during the Pineal Gland meditation at the Advanced Workshop in Tampa in February 2017.
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Stu's Testimonial

Stu has a hightened experience during one of the meditations that leads to the rapid healing of a painful medical condition.
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Dane's Testimonial

Dane had been diagnosed with Chrones Disease and had taken medications in order to alleviate the symptons. After doing Dr. Joe's work for a period of time, Dane's medical practitioner's were surprised to discover that many of the internal markers for the disease had actually disappeared.
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Bart's Testimonial

Bart describes having experienced chonic pain (similar to hitting your funny bone) for six years after a snowboarding accident in France. After one specific meditation, the pain completely disappeared and has not returned since.
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Daniella's Testimonial

Daniella describes having been diagnosed with acute arthritis 10 years ago which required the taking of regular medication.
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Marianne's Testimonial

Marianne was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and was told by her doctors that the disease was incurable and that it would be just a matter of time before her condition would deteriorate further. Marianne decided instead to take a different course and here is her miraculous story.
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Anita's Testimonial

Anita was diagnosed 10 years ago with Chronic Asthma and Bronchitis. Her condition required her to take daily medications as well as to use an oxygen tank to help her breathe. After encountering Dr Joe's work, she decided to throw away her medications and to use the power of meditation to heal her body - and that is just what happened!
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Fiona's Testimonial

After experiencing a horse riding accident, Fiona had suffered from impinged nerves in her legs which caused a numbness that prevented her from being able to feel them properly.
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