Healing Others Testimonials

Lilia's Testimonial in Spanish

A podido ayudar a muchas mujeres presas a cambiar sus vidas en la carcel a travez de las ensenanszas del Dr. Joe.
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Jorge's Testimonial

Jorge explains how he has discovered a power within himself that has emerged since being introduced to the meditative practices taught in Dr. Joe's workshops.
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Connie Re-unites Her Family Through Love and Creating a New Future

Connie speaks about the remarkable changes that happened in her life after the Advanced Workshop in Colorado in 2013... read more

Kayla Cures Her Daughter of Serious Food Allergies

Chloe was suffering from serious food allergies that caused a severe skin condition. Hear the story of how her mother Kayla applied Dr. Joe's techniques in order to help her daughter.... read more

Jan's Testimonial, Creating a New Reality

I am organizational development consultant and use expressive arts methodologies in my work to help... read more


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