Healing Animals Testimonials

Andrew & Leilani's Testimonial

Leilani suffered from serious injuries after being mauled by another larger Dog. Andrew describes how Leilani's prognosis was rapidly changed within 12 hours by the focused intent of his healing circle.... read more

Andrew Saves His Dog - By Thought Alone!

All of the professionals wanted to amputate the leg of his beloved dog. Andrew said NO and then proceeded to rewrite the dog's future. Listen to his story!... read more

Lyn Nurses Coco Back From The Brink Of Death!

Having learned over the years a variety of “energy healing” techniques when my miniature schnauzer (Coco) had been on life support for several days & I was told by the head vet at the Sydney university veterinary hospital “we need to talk when I get back on Friday after my day off” I finally “got” that they didn’t expect her to live.
... read more


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