Change Testimonials

Arielle's Testimonial

Arielle describes how she was able to stop taking prescription drugs that she had been prescribed to take over 10 years ago for ADHD. She has now completed her masters degree and is full time faculty at an Engineering College.
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Jim's Testimonial

Jim describes how practical Dr. Joe's 'Blessing of the Energy Centers" meditation can be with an example of how he changed an inconvenient daily bodily routine.
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Alexandra Returns From a Life in Chaos

Alexandra speaks about a life in turmoil from the time she was a young child. The cycle of guilt and of dislike for herself had placed her life on a downward spiral.
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Testimonial from the Progressive Workshop in Tacoma in October 2015

Dear JOE and STAFF!
Joe, my condolences to you and your family, regarding the passing of your mother. I appreciate your courage and presence to deliver this course during this time. How wonderful your mother could join us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the top of my head, from my perineum to my Ka and beyond. I feel like I have arrived firmly planted in the present moment.. ... read more

Denise's Mind Movie Testimonial - Finds Love

Denise explains how after watching her Mind Movie each day and night, how already she has experienced many of the changes.... read more

Theresa's Mind Movie Testimonial - Finds Love

Theresa speaks about the transformations that have occurred in her life as a result of holding a different future vision.... read more

Peter's Testimonial - Finds Love

Peter experiences a profound change in his life at Dr. Joe's Advanced Workshop in Denver Colorado in July 2013... read more

Brandy Shares Her Healing Journey

Last year I was diagnosed with acromegaly. On May 28, 2013, the neurosurgeon performed a partial transnasal-transphenoidal adenectomy to remove a 2.5cm growth hormone secreting tumor from my pituitary gland. ... read more

Danielle Shares Her Healing Journey

First of all, thank you for the super inspiring “Holland” workshop in Doorn. You are so passionate about what kind of life we all could have if we just sit down every day and create our life. Wonderful and I just know that it is the truth. It makes so much more sense then all this suffering!!!!!!... read more

Aranka's Video Testimonial, Workshops

Arnaka shares her experiences and changes that have occurred from attending Dr. Joe's workshops. "This is the ... read more

Alejandra's Testimonial, Healing

I have been doing your work now for about a year. I attended the first workshop in Kripalu and then did two Level 2... read more

Spyder's Testimonial, Creating a New Reality

Several times I've considered writing to you about my experiences in meditation. This time I just had... read more

Adam's Testimonial, Creating a New Reality

Reading Dr. Joe Dispenza's book 'Evolve your Brain' changed my life. I would recommend to anyone who... read more


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