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The Topic for our next Teleclass is: The Difference between Intuition and Manifestation: Is it pre-determined or did we create it?
Time: *Thursday March 1st 12:00pm (PST) / 3:00pm (EST)

Monthly Live Teleclass: A subscription-based service for $9.99 per month, in which Dr. Joe teaches a one-hour class each month and answers questions from registered members who are on the live call. (Note: calls may run longer than an hour.)

This is a wonderful chance for you to be part of a unique 20 - 30 minute lecture, with the rare opportunity to ask your question directly to Dr. Joe at the end of his talk. Due to popular demand from our listeners, Dr. Joe now dedicates a full-hour to Q & A, the last month of every quarter (March, June, September and December.)

Teleclasses are usually held on the last Thursday of the month at 12:00pm (Pacific Time). An email reminder is sent to members, both 24 and 2 hours before the Teleclass Session. This email includes your phone number & PIN # to access the live call. Your phone number and PIN # will remain the same each month. If you are unable to join the live call, the Teleclass recording will be available in your Teleclass Members Page 10 days after the live call, for 60 days, to listen to or download.

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To join the Live Call, you can use a Telephone, Maestro Conference Website, Google Hangouts, or Skype.

You will always need your assigned call-in phone number and pin number to join the Live Call through any of these methods.

If you’re having trouble connecting to the call, please go to this link for options and support:

For technical support in using Google Hangouts or Skype, you will need to contact these companies directly.

Teleclass Subscription $9.99 USD per Month (recurring charge, for ongoing access) register now

Teleclass Support

When registering for the Teleclass, please allow up to 48 hours for your subscription to be processed. Subscription sign-ups placed less than 48 hours before a Teleclass may not be active until after the Teleclass has been aired. Please email Teleclass Support to manually receive your call-in information.

In approximately 10 business days after each Live Teleclass, we will post a link to the recording of the call on the Teleclass Members Page. So, even if you miss the live Teleclass you'll have an opportunity to listen to or download each Teleclass. All you have to do is login!

The previous 2 Teleclass recordings will remain on the Members Teleclass Page for 60 days and are rotated out when the next recording is added.

For Teleclass questions, please email: Teleclass Support

To update your credit card information at any time, please contact Teleclass Support with your request and instructions will be sent to you via email.

You may cancel your subscription at any time by emailing us at: Teleclass Support

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