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Author Topic: Hard to believe in Dr Joe but can still see a light  (Read 19327 times)

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Re: Hard to believe in Dr Joe but can still see a light
« Reply #15 on: May 25, 2015, 09:22:59 AM »
Hello everyone!

I has been traveling a lot the last months, but of time in time I take a look to this forum to discover if exist something new to learn. I love learning, specially from people with whom I disagree, because for me the learning come from contrasting and analyze different point of views. I'll not learn anything listening only the echo of my voice.

By this reason, it's impossible to me not comment posts like this from Charlie.
I agree totally with him that the real learning only come from experience, because acquaintance is not understanding.

I've seen another similar comments to this and I would like to take the opportunity here to summarize my oppion about all of them. I like to read them because they are different of my point of view, but why you people need to be so impositive?

You have the right of to think in the way you want, as same other people have. I don't see the problem with that. Every place where exist intelligence, fear is not there. Every time that we found resistance, fear is there. The root of all suffering is attachment, so why we are so attached to our beliefs?

Please take a look to the lost of posts and thousands of views that a discussion about Joe Dispenza's work were generating, topics started by courageous people as Robert E and purplemoonshine. Because disagree with the establishment, with the crowd, with the society, requiere courage.

This are undeniable facts! The people are interested in to know, no matter if they agree or not, but it's always healthy an open discussion. So, please don't try to break the initiative of people to questioning. You are educated people and you have experienced the valuable support and contribution to humanity coming from people that don't care to be questioning, because every time that we do a question, we have a great chance. We have been immersed in our problems by years, and someday, when the "house took fire" we awake and we start to question ourself. And that was a great moment, a moment to arise a great opportunity, the opportunity of start a search path. Everyone that we are here, participating in this forum, around Joe Dispenza's work, we are in a some sort of suffering and this suffering has motivated questions inside us, if not, we would not be here. So, what is the problem with questioning? With doubt? No problem at all.

This topics of great discussion they brought dynamic to the forum and that is great, because this is a great forum with great and compassionate people, interested in to share their experience and to contribute with people that they don't know.

If someone need to "fall in love" with everything that appear in front of him/her, great! If someone need to questioning everything and need a detailed explanation, great! But we need to stop of talking about "poisoning" or "contamination" or whatever appear in our mind full of fears. This is not a place for a "fight of egos". Anyone of us must not to be concerned hurt the ego of someone else, that is not our problem, that is him/her problem, let him/her deal with it.

This is a great place, a great opportunity for intelligence people share and learn together. We are all looking to reach the "top of mountain", but each one of us must to be free to choose the way to reach the top of the mountain. It's possible that exist a very easy and good way, as Charlie mentioned, and I agree totally with him: experience, jump inside it and test if this work for you. That is a great advice! But, if anyone of us decide to choose a different and, possibly, more hard and difficult way, we need to let this happen. Each one of us is unique!

Please, this is a good place, don't turn this in a place only for people that think the same. That is boring and totally unfruitful.

Thanks by let me share my point of view.

I wish an excelent week for everyone!



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Re: Hard to believe in Dr Joe but can still see a light
« Reply #16 on: January 15, 2018, 06:24:41 PM »
Looks like nobody is getting the point, but are conditioned in the same way people are conditioned by the TV evangelist.
A basic question is: Why does he make these fake stories about his accident and his ability to heal himself.
Where is any evidence???????????
Why does Dr Joe Dispenza need all these fake stories?
Yes w/o any evidence, the best assumption is that they are FAKE!!

Why people have become so gullible?

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Re: Hard to believe in Dr Joe but can still see a light
« Reply #17 on: April 24, 2018, 05:37:16 AM »
This little nugget from a science documentary helped me.

Every time we watch a movie we suspend belief. We allow the film’s creators to lead us through a story and we shut out the world around us.

I am allowing Dr Joe to show me the world he believes I can create for myself.
I am VERY MUCH enjoying the show, and it is changing my life.
Walk in Beauty 💫