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Author Topic: Psychological Assessment For OCD  (Read 93 times)

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Psychological Assessment For OCD
« on: August 31, 2018, 10:54:19 PM »
Hi, My 18-year-old son is an OCD. He was diagnosed 2 years ago. His symptoms include checking and intrusive thoughts.

Sometimes He thinks about strangling friends or relatives. Always does the same things over and over again. Like listening to the same songs many times, brushing teeth, again and again, checking cell phone in pocket many times, etc. We tried many treatments, therapies, etc. But nothing changed his behaviours.

Because of this terrible life, I think he is developing depression now. he says he is feeling alone and everybody is against him. All his thoughts are negative.

But I came to know about psychological assessment services form the web. After reading some articles I decided to try it. From what I know, psychological assessment is really effective in treating depression and OCD. And we found a neurofeedback training clinic in Toronto that provides psychological assessment services. So before trying it I just wanted to know more about it. Please share everything you know about this treatment.
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Re: Psychological Assessment For OCD
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2018, 12:45:35 AM »
ocd  appears  when  a person is stuck in  some past moment  of great shock , or something  a mind  can not grasp at that  time , because of lack of experience to  understand -- and just a feeling shock of was  stamped in a body .

He needs  to  dissolve that  imprint ...  an emulsion  for dissolving   is called LOVE .. Also , he needs to feel needed , somehow .   It is very difficult  to  make a contact with the teenager , angry or with earphones  ignoring the rest of the world.

You  can ask him to help you with something  ..some  project  you will achieve together  ,  you can start  asking him for his opinions  in a different situation  ..that  gives them some kind of power - something is depending on them ...
Parents often , or always,investigate their kids :  What happened in school  ? and the answer  in 99 % is  - NOTHING   hahhaha 
Kids are bored  this days ... they  do not have to learn anything - everything  is on google  .. they  will forget to  write and read  soon ...  and  they do not go to the nature to breath fresh ear and to synchronize  with the frequency of  nature .  and the first  -  kids - or humans  - have to feel loved  ..and needs to hear that  vocally .  parents  do all kind of stuff for their kids , but  a few parents tell their kids that they love them .  unconditionally!!

not when they achieve something,  or when they are sick ...

my  post is general,

 I  have a friend with ocd , she is  maniacally  obsessed with  cleaning  around the  home.  Her mother was  punishing her as a little girl to  clean the house  - and she  continue to be a good girl  punishing herself  even after her mother died  some years ago.   
Now , when she feels that she is appreciated in her new relationship -  we can go in the house with our footwear on.