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Emptying completely
« on: May 11, 2018, 04:35:07 AM »
I want to share what has help my deeper connection in meditation.

In one of my meditations I spontaneously experienced letting go of all the energy centers, then at the end of the recording they returned to me woven into a large gorgeous shimmering translucent cloth that draped about me

Now when meditations instruct becoming no one if I find I am losing focus I visualize each center in turn and instruct my self to “empty all need for abundance. The universe will provide your abundance. Let go completely, empty completely.” Then on to need to create, need for power, need for love, need for will, need to know, need for divinity. Mumbling under my breath works best for me, still listening to the audio instructions.

I find this an instant and complete connection.

In using chocolate candy molds it is important to not use detergent, rinse in hot water then buff completely shiny to repeat a shiny finish on the next batch. The image of a clean candy mold appeared, but it swirled in front of me and a murky residue poured from it... I infer one can never empty enough, lol.
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