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Author Topic: Unmemorise an emotion to clear an illness when no negative emotions pertain  (Read 220 times)

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In the meditation when I have to unmemorise an emotion. As i have no noticable emotions attached to the illness, do I...

A) See myself in perfect health with no illness
B) See myself perfectly able bodied with no MS

I just don't know what to do. I personally believe that I am perfectly capable of achieving my aim, which is complete health with full mobility. Over the past 10 years, I have done a lot of personal work and I don't have any emotions that strikes out to me that makes me feel sad or angry. So, I am feeling really stuck as to what I need to unmemorise when I meditate. I know there was lots of examples given in Dr. Joe's book breaking the habit but none that applies for me, unfortunately.

I appreciate your views and feedback.


Offline Walk in Beauty

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Hi Brian,

I wish you all the best in your goal.

Your work on negative emotions does not have to be associated with your condition. All of the negative things we feel interfere with our health and healing, so anything you eliminate and replace with joy, love, etc will benefit your healing.

When I got a handle on my major issues I was so relieved to be free of them that I thought I had conquered everything, however I find though I had done great work there was more to do. When I feel impatient, irritable, frustrated... that’s the moment to, on the spot or bring to meditation, analyze what caused it and how to recognize it in future.

I used this list to help me identifying my feelings, where I felt their energy in my body, and thought seriously on each of them the emotion I would replace it with when I felt, say my fists clenching when I felt unjustly criticized. It would be confidence in myself, and compassion for a person whose lack of acceptance in their upbringing would lead them to blame their short comings on others. As Dr Joe says, 95% of what anyone feels is from their past and has nothing to do with the present, and it certainly has nothing to do with the person they unleash it on.

And yes, feel yourself enjoying freedom and mobility, live 3D your favorite locations, feel the wind and hear birds singing as they fly overhead, sense what is happening behind you, smell fresh baked bread, hug your loved ones, look down at your feet and see what you are standing on.... the more real you can live in that future, interact with people and objects, tying your heart and mind there and KNOWING you will be there, the stronger you draw that future to you.

I find the easiest path to connecting to healing energy and making the future real is pumping my heart full of love for everyone and everything and sending that energy into my surroundings, my neighborhood, ever further out until it reaches every particle in the the universe. Then I can feel the hum of all of creation awaiting the future I desire to be visualized so it can put it into motion.

DONT MISS A DAY! And hopefully you have time to meditate twice a day. Stay in the zone. Oh, and watch some of the mind movies in the resources button on the home page. They gave me great ideas for my own life changes.

I’m afraid this isn’t the best forum for responses, I hope you get more advice and encouragement.

Walk in Beauty 💫