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Author Topic: How to Cure Depression, in my own words.  (Read 450 times)

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How to Cure Depression, in my own words.
« on: April 15, 2018, 10:29:56 PM »
What is depression?
Depression = lack of enlightenment.

To me, depression is the disease of arrogant people.
Narrow mindednes, ego, lack of perspective, unable to see things from the bigger picture.
Not being the bigger version of you.

The cure = be humble. Ask for help. Don't think you are special you are the only one who has that problem, there are many more unfortunate, & willing to trade shoes with you. Pray. Maintain connection with God. Don't be arrogant, nobody wants to talk with arrogant people who is perfect. In fact, people like flawed people, because they have something they can relate to.

Laugh. Humor. Lighten up. Be enlightened. Seek Truth. Let go your attachment to materialism, pride. Remember we live only temporary in this planet, once we die we leave all egos and materials on earth. Create friends. Tell jokes. Have fun. Don't you think you are an exception to this rule. Be like everybody else.

Let go of all ego attachments.

Life is full of challenges, if you don't take that challenge, you'll be depressed.
Oh ya, let go of competition, never compare yourself to others, because everyone is unique. Compete with yourself instead. If you conquer your own ego for the day, you win for the day. And it accumulates!

The depression that I am talking about is the long term type of depression.  Like lifetime depression or long years period of depression.

I am not talking about short term depression, because it can happen to anyone. But if you don't address it right away, by letting go, it accumulates into big depression. Let go of your baggage.

Don't be like Jim Carrey. He's depressed because he's full of ego. He never learn to humble himself, and never admit mistakes.

Depression is not a disease. So, please don't make it big and important. Don't make it as an issue. If you have depression, don't say, "I am struggling with lifetime depression". Because it makes it looks like a cool disease of important people. Say, "I am struggling with lifetime ego issues" instead.

Admit, "Yes, I have ego issues".
Yes, swallowing your ego is not a fun thing to do. But everyone who's free did that.

If people are happy (e.g. money happy, wife happy, things are going their way), they don't get depressed. But people are not happy (no money, wife left them, diseases, etc.), they get depressed.

But that's exactly the thing, if you rely your happiness to outer circumstances, comparing yourself to your peers, you create your identity by being better than your peers. When you lose all of that, you get depressed, because you lose your identity.

Everytime you lose your ego, you win and you get closer to God, more opportunity to create miracles. So make that as a personal competition to get closer to God.

The Truth will set you free.

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Re: How to Cure Depression, in my own words.
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2018, 07:17:32 PM »
Have you ever been depressed? If not, it is easy to judge. Depression CAN be a disease. It CAN have a physicological basis. Lack of vitamins (such as vitamin D or B12), hormonal imbalances, gut dysfunction, heavy metal toxicity, thyroid problems, food intolerances/allergies, and a myriad of other things have all been known to cause depression. I struggled with depression for years before I found out I was copper toxic, and went through an extensive detox program for over a year. So although you may mean well, please do not assume that everyone with depression is arrogant and narrow minded. That is far from the truth. Some of the kindest, most gentle souls have had similar struggles - including  Mother Theresa. It's unfortunate you stigmatize those who are truly suffering, and minimalize their pain by suggesting they just need to have a good laugh and check their ego at the door. That is unkind.

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Re: How to Cure Depression, in my own words.
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2018, 09:48:13 PM »
Have you ever been NOT depressed?
If you not, it's easy to judge people who are not depressed as not having the right information.

Have you ever check your ego? (yes/no)
Because I do check my ego, all the times.

Have you ever seek Truth? And find Truth? (yes/no)
I do.

Have you ever been enlightened? (yes/no)
If you ever answer 'yes' to this question, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

Yes you are arrogant and you don't even know it. All diseases are emanating from ego.
When 1 depression issue is not addressed right away, there will be another depression issue, and so on. It will piled up, layers by layers.
When the layers has been so big, then it become an actual disease, where you have hormonal imbalances, etc., need the medication.

Now your excuse is lack of this and that vitamins, toxic, allergy. Not knowing lack of certain vitamins and nutrients and reject poison in the body has something to do with not being in alignment or in tuned with knowing what your body really needs.

Now I want to ask you a question, were you happy (in alignment) before you get that copper toxic? Or you were already depressed before that?

Because happy people have a good filter. People who are in the Now and be in the Moment at all times recognize junk right away.

Ideally your body will tell you what it needs to eat. When people are numb, they are unable to feel what's good or bad.

Then you become numb. The root cause of the issue is in the bottom of big pile of layers.
Now I am pointing you at the root cause at the bottom of the pile, you are not seeing it, because the layers of lies is too big, then you cannot perceive Truth anymore, even Truth is perceived as insult to you.

A good laugh will remove only 1 layer of depression, and brought 1 root cause of issue to clarity to be addressed, not to be ignored. But if you have 10 or 20 layers of depression. You need 20 good deep laughs and fixing 20 root causes. Because you need to  peel the layer one by one, and every time you remove 1 layer you need to heal to adjust yourself with the new alignment and so on.

If you remove 20 layers at one time, perhaps you can heal in one bat, perhaps with a bigger powerful workshop. But the changes that you need to make is even more dramatic and the DNTS (dark night of the soul) is even bigger.

Most people who want dramatic healing, will come back to the old self, because the change is too big to handle. They are too afraid to make changes. They are too afraid with the unknown.
They are healed in the seminar/workshop. But they come back to their real life sick again.

Mother Teresa WAS an enlightened being when she was young. She seek Truth, she found Truth, and she used LOA to manifest tis and tat.

Then, she WAS depressed. When she was depressed, she was at the time where she was wallowed by Ego.
If you are familiar with her story. That was the time she lost her ability to manifest good things through LOA. That was the time when she received Nobel prize, tis award, tat award, first class royal treatment, all the first class seat plane. All materials & wealth she received.

But that didn't make her happy. It didn't match her purest desire. Her true desire is to help poor people, not to indulge herself in materialism.

Then she threw all the materials, she threw her ego, and living a modest life. Then she was enlightened again, close to God again, become the bigger version of herself again, when she was not alone, but she and God is a majority.

Follow your heart, will you? Either you take my info or leave it. There is a deeper root cause you need to address, and I haven't even start diggin.
If you close to God and have clarity, the depression is gone.

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Re: How to Cure Depression, in my own words.
« Reply #3 on: April 19, 2018, 07:33:13 AM »

Please be wary of singling anyone out in this forum and labeling them as being one way or another (arrogant or ego-driven.) That is your perspective only.

We are a supportive community and it is important that we treat each other with respect.

Thank you for you for your contributions and insights to this forum.

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Re: How to Cure Depression, in my own words.
« Reply #4 on: April 19, 2018, 08:09:11 AM »
In your last post, you stated, "Yes you are arrogant and you don't even know it."

I regret that you judge me without even knowing me. Name-calling is uncalled for, and is not in the spirit of this forum.

People who suffer from depression are not ego filled, nor are they arrogant. They do not think their disease is "cool." They are struggling, and in real pain. That pain is every bit as real as those suffering from a physical disease (which, as I have pointed out, depression often is).

Addressing root causes of depression is not "making excuses". There are  physical causes, including things I mentioned before, as well as others such as head trauma, blood sugar imbalances, side effects of medications, and side effects of other diseases.  Which is why depression can sometimes be CURED by restoring gut health, balancing hormones, getting rid of metal toxicity, etc. It is not a simple process - it is discovering the root cause of the depression, and addressing the cause. (There is a case study of a woman whose doctors were going to commit her to the psych ward because she was severely bipolar, and ONE SHOT of vitamin B12 - which her body was unable to produce on its own - cured her because her body now had the vital nutrients she needed.)

Was this woman's inability  to properly absorb vitamins any more different then a person whose body cannot produce insulin? Does that make her ego-driven? Because I am unable to properly eliminate copper (my level, when tested, was 66 times higher then what the upper given limit should be) does that make me arrogant? Should a person who is suffering a concussion as a result of severe head trauma be told to "get over it"?

I don't believe Mother Theresa was depressed because she had first class seats on a plane. Nor do I believe she was filled with ego. Her humility, empathy and compassion for others was profound.  Yet she saw horrific things, and witnessed the suffering of so many human beings, and became overwhelmed. Likewise, many people returning from wars have become depressed, and to judge them as being arrogant or ego-filled is highly unfair. The same goes from those who have been victims of rape, abuse, and torture, those who grew up in alcoholic families, or with drug-addicted parents; those who live in war-torn countries, and those who have experienced a myriad of other unimaginable autrocities. 

There is a lot of stigma around mental illness. As a result, a lot of people suffer in silence, and are afraid to speak out. This is driven not by a feeling of arrogance - but of shame. I applaud the efforts of people such as Clara Hughes, Prince Harry, and others that are striving to create awareness of the issues so that people can speak openly about them, and begin to heal. There is a real need for encouragement and support for those who are suffering, rather then marginalizing or blaming/shaming.

I wish  you well on your journey. I do not want to continue this conversation, or to interact with you further. I offered a different point of view, as it is one I feel very strongly about. I was called names as a result. I have no desire, or need, to argue, or to defend myself to you. It might serve you well to try compassion, rather then judgement.  "Until you have walked in someone else's shoes...."

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Re: How to Cure Depression, in my own words.
« Reply #5 on: April 19, 2018, 06:11:02 PM »
Dear admin,

I wasn't name calling. If name calling I would say, "you are... (insert 4 letter words here)".

Yes, it was my perspective, but it wasn't a name calling.

It was the Truth from my perspective.

JoanneW If you don't like my advice, just click away.

At least I didn't name calling. You wish I was shallow.

You misunderstood things that I said. I did not say ego-driven. I said EGO.

1. You misinterpret my advice.
2. You accuse me someone that I am not.

If not ego, what do you call that? You talk like I have no right to speak.

You feel shame, afraid to speak out, but you yourself try to silence people who speak out like me, just because my Truth doesn't match your cage of beliefs.

You yourself did not provide valuable input to this forum. Where are your posts? But you can only CRITICIZE people who do speak up.

People like me is a victim of people like you. I do not abuse the "report" button. I don't "single out" others. I am 1 person, you are 1 person. You have equal rights to speak out as much as I do. But I don't bring out supporters, but you bring out supporter. In fact, this is 2 against 1. 

You hit the "report" button so this forum stays dark. So people like me, has no chance to shed a light.

This is exactly where minority controls the majority. Where someone who never speaks up has the power to silence others who speak up.

I don't understand why people who talks a lot about love, compassion, kindness, peace are in fact the ones who I don't see any of it.
Meanwhile people whom I feel love, compassion, kindness, peace never speaks a word of it.

OH YA, I think the title of this thread is "How to cure depression, in my own words". I did not say, it's experts words, it's other people's word, or majority of people's words. It is my opinion. I never said anyone has to believe it. :(
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Re: How to Cure Depression, in my own words.
« Reply #6 on: April 20, 2018, 09:10:38 AM »
I think the point is to realize there are no victims

may I be the softness I'd like to see in the world