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« on: March 11, 2018, 08:44:43 AM »
Each time that I resume an occasional drink, over the following months I gradually increase my intake to unhealthy levels and I have a very difficult time. It is impossible to decrease the frequencies or amount, and it is barely manageable to totally abstain but eventually I do.

Dr Joe, referring to other disease/conditions, implies anything is possible with total belief and unfailing meditation routine. The disconnect comes in  that imbibing causes me to ignore both.

I feel I am correct to not play with dynamite, after all I see no point in other dangerous activities from Dr Joe examples such as ingesting glass or drinking strychnine.

Still... I was wondering if I was lacking an ability of total belief. Though on the other hand I am doing what it takes to focus my intent and commit to meditation.

I guess I’m wanting to justify my abstinence in case someone challenges my lack of control. I am planning to attend a week long event eventually and  it appears wine is encouraged there. It would be true to say that I don’t care for wine: I don’t care for the consequences... but I  sure do love it’s immediate affects.

Thanks so much for you opinions and advice.

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