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Author Topic: Just One Thing More. . . We Want the LIVE Meditation from the Actual Event  (Read 1366 times)

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Aloha to All Fans of Dr Joe!

There is one thing more I would encourage the Rockin' staff of Dr. Joe's team and all his fans ask for:  use the LIVE recordings from the event vrs the canned studio recordings we can buy from the website.

For a more thorough review, kindly read the posted first full review of Dr Joe's Intensive & Progressive On-Line workshops to learn how much it rocks and how worthwhile it is.  Within it, among other things, I encourage you to stand up and learn to speak genius out loud.  Doing this the same way you would learn a 2nd language lets you speak it fluently vs only listen and generally understand what is being said.  You might probably reference this to the multitude of children who can understand the native tongue of their grandparents or parents yet cannot speak, read or write the language.  Speaking it out loud will give the kind of wrinkles on your brain no one can see yet you can be proud of as evidence pours out into your life showing how you have expanded and are becoming a new being who will live this new life you love!

I was blessed to hear about and attend both of Dr. Joe's live meditation on-line events from his Advanced Workshops last year.  They were remarkably powerful and helped carry me through some of my toughest challenges while I was locked away in a shelter and unable to attend anything in person. 

My experience is the live meditations are more powerful because you are also tapping into the field with the current of all the other participants.  Live was most impactful, yet doing the webinar recording we had unlimited access to during the following weeks was closer in power than the studio recordings I bought from the website.  The repetition helped entrain my field to a higher frequency, which I truly clung to and always looked forward to each day.  You will want to take every opportunity to dive deep.

When listening to the instructions and places Dr Joe said he would be leading us to in the live meditations for the Progressive Workshop, which understandably grew, evolved & expanded since he did the studio recording, I really wanted THAT new level poured into my consciousness.  The studio recordings are powerful, yes, but a live one done in response to a live class while riding the wave is MUCH more rewarding and fruitful.

Please put the live meditation recordings back into the video and give those of us who already bought the program a complimentary 2nd shot at experiencing them!

As stated in my earlier post, I bought all of the meditations Dr Joe has made available through his website, and I DO USE THEM ALL as I feel guided, so I confidently recommend them all.  I use some daily, some at other intervals, because they each help expand and enrich me in differing ways.  Many come with helpful introductions right on the CD, but the better explanations come from Dr. Joe at the workshop while the next most helpful come from the corresponding book.  The foundation I like most for the actual meditative why and how work is Breaking the Habit of Being Youself followed by Becoming Supernatural, which has the most instruction and meditations.  You will not, however, be able to follow him or appreciate the genius of unfolding in Becoming Supernatural without reading at least one of his earlier books and applying the accompanying book meditations as they are the training required to lay the foundation for the Advanced meditations.

Advanced not in the way that, "hey, I've been meditating for decades" - and I have.  This is Advanced as in building the focus, energetic field and skills you will be drawing on to have the richer experiences inwardly we are creating to become our Greatest selves and live our Greatest lives.

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may I be the softness I'd like to see in the world

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Very cool Larry!  Thanks for sharing.. I didn't know the live meditation recording was even available.

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Re: Just One Thing More. . . We Want the LIVE Meditation from the Actual Event
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re: live meditations

 Blessing of the Energy Centers 5 was recorded live. Perhaps others as well. Maybe it says on the write up in the store?