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Author Topic: changing your life using the Placebo method  (Read 1678 times)

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changing your life using the Placebo method
« on: January 19, 2018, 11:49:15 AM »
Hi all,
My name is Dan.
I'm reading dr.Joe Dispenza's book "You are the Placebo" and I'm halfway by now. As far as I understand now is that what dr. Joe Dispenza is explaining, is one can change their health by changing the sub-consciousness through the use of meditation and an intention along with a emotion stronger than the energy of the programmed subconscious that is running your life right now.
But is it possible to use the same things not only for gaining your body's health but also your external environment/life, I mean, is it possible to restructure your relationships and plant the seeds of unconditional love?

There are so many things going on right now that are gone wrong, I really need a turnaround.
Thanks so much,

(Sorry if I misspelled something or didn't make myself clear, English is not my native language.)

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Re: changing your life using the Placebo method
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2018, 09:27:23 PM »
Oh Dan!  Are you in for a quantum treat!  I HIGHLY recommend buying the online Intensive and Progressive 9 week workshop from .  From watching this over and over my mind is totally getting around all of this.  Yes, you can change E V E R Y thing about yourself.  You can choose WHO you want to be, you can create A N Y life you want.  In order to really BELIEVE that, you have to understand it.  Understanding it's truth will help you get in the 'river of change' and do the work and make it happen!  So take the leap and buy the online course. 

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Re: changing your life using the Placebo method
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2018, 10:51:41 PM »
Hi Heidi! Thank you for explaining, I will look into this.
I was looking for help for I am desperate as my life is such a mess and I am loosing the spark and drive
to go further. I've done so many things already that I'm loosing faith and so much energy if things you do don't work and the situation in this life even gets worse every time.

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Re: changing your life using the Placebo method
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2018, 12:55:17 AM »
Hang in there.  You are actually in a wonderful state of mind to begin change.  When we are broken and fed up with our lives we are in a magical moment for real change to happen.  Someone just posted this here on another post: poem by Steve Taylor (

When you sense there’s something more –
when the life that used to satisfy you no longer seems enough
when security seems suffocating and pleasures lose their taste
when dreams of success can’t motivate you anymore
and diversions don’t seem to divert you
and familiarity seems oppressive, like a coat that’s too old and tight
and every repetition of the old routine
makes you more stale and weary.

When you ache with a sadness that doesn’t seem to have a source
and find yourself crying but can’t explain why
when you feel a hunger you’ve never known before
that seems too subtle to ever be satisfied
and ask yourself ‘What’s wrong with me?
Why can’t I be happy anymore?’

There’s nothing wrong with you
don’t let the doctor diagnose you with depression
tell you your serotonin levels might be low
or that you need to change your thinking style.

This isn’t anxiety or depression
it’s divine dissatisfaction
you’re not breaking down, but breaking through.

This is your awakening
the tearing of the veil
the opening of your soul
the old world is collapsing behind you
and you’re standing at the threshold of the new
disoriented, confused
wondering how to make sense of this strange place
but as long you understand
and have the courage to go forward
your path will form in front of you
you will find a guide
and a glorious journey will begin.

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Re: changing your life using the Placebo method
« Reply #4 on: February 11, 2018, 01:42:32 AM »
  I thought I would be able to take the online course but I won’t be able to carry the costs, I could have known.
Almost every aspect of my life is falling to pieces. Same goes for money. Due to health problems  I have more expences than there is income.
What I did not yet explain is that I am feeling not only tired of my life as it is but I do not have any clue how to turn it around when this turnaround seems so far away.
As I‘ve said, I’ve done so much already that seemed promising but did nothing eventually. That alone drains energy and you start to wonder why these things won’t work in your case why they do work with others. Sometimes it feels like I am cursed. It is the only explaination I can find.  Not only because of the things not working while they do with others but also because of the amount and severity of events that occured during my lifetime.

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Re: changing your life using the Placebo method
« Reply #5 on: February 12, 2018, 12:49:37 AM »
Hi Dan,

Sometimes we practice feeling an emotion so often and for so long, we become unable to see it as an emotion. It starts to look like it's who we are. The emotion creates a bubble of perception around us and cuts us off from being able to see any other possibility.

From inside the bubble, a change is likely as far away as it seems- but only from inside the bubble.

We can choose to open to change. The bubble surrounds us with the illusion that we can't choose, but it's only an illusion.

The bubble is held in place by our own will. We spend many years building and reinforcing our self image and beliefs & bubbles of perception. Our minds will try to protect us by keeping the status quo in place. It can feel seductive - the compulsion to feel like giving up, feel down on ourselves or down on life and like nothing can change. But it's an illusion.

We can't know the timing of other people... We don't have enough information to draw conclusions about our own timing, either. The mind is used to trying to have "a handle" on things, or to be in control. It's done the very best it can for us, all these years. But being in control isn't the function of the mind, and it never was. If we can really let that go, it's a big relief. We are neither ahead nor behind. We are where we are. In a non-local universe, no matter where we are, we're all together  ;)

We all come upon circumstances and roadblocks along the way.... These can be painful & take courage to work  through, but there is always a gift inside. There is no particular meaning about ourselves we need to attach to it when these things happen.

You are already your own meaning, right here, right now.

A guiding principle that works for me is: Work with what you've got.  8)

There are Dr. Joe meditations you can buy for less than the cost of a workshop, and also free meditations on YouTube. Love yourself where you are and do what you can with the intent to open to more, and more will open to you. In the meantime, taking the action to save up what you can, as you can, will put you into alignment with having your desire come through.

Sending you love.

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Re: changing your life using the Placebo method
« Reply #6 on: February 12, 2018, 10:26:09 AM »
Hi Amber, thank you for your reply and kind words.
The thing is, I've never been able yet to reap the gift you're talking about. One traumatic situation that is (not) ended yet is already being followed by another. This is not my first step on the spiritual path and I am somewhat familiar with different takes and concepts; on the ego, the Self (or whatever one might call it), situations or people being a reflection of you, the mind, etc.

The thing is that it is so hard for me to concentrate and even being busy with that because of the drainage of energy that is caused by daily life. I have adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, intestinal parasite, every month I have to sell possession to be able to eat, no friends, no family I can relate to, and one of the most severe present stress is the fact that I am being harassed and stalked.  There is much more, but I won't bother you with it.

The meditations, I have some, but I do not understand them, how to put them to use.
I am reading his book You are the placebo, so I think I have to finish it before I understand the work.
But the loss of energy after a days of work and the stress of, well, many, causes it to be slowly progressing.
The thing is, English is not my native language, so sometimes it is somewhat difficult to understand what is written or get the message in the way it was intended.

I know things happen for a reason, but when ever I ask for clearance from the Divine, nothing gets clear, explained. Only the next trauma seems around the corner with yet another punch in the stomach.
This is why I started to wonder wether I am cursed or something or has very bad karma from previous lives.
Why else would all these events take place with no apparent reason.
I must admit that I did experience states of being during the time I was involved with teachings of the Oneness University, where I felt okay with everything that WAS at that moment, either it being labeled good or bad, right or wrong, it did not matter as it used too.
But that was for a brief moment and never returned, due to the lack of energy and stress I was experiencing back then. The adrenal fatigue got so worse I could not even take care of my household, job and myself.

I understand what you mean by living in a bubble, the situation that is created by this bubble, blurs one vision to see options and answers. But it feels so hard being in that state, it feels like pulling yourself out of the water by your hair while drowning in your own sorrow.  Isn't up to the Divine to pull you from the water? You can't pull yourself out is what I was taught, it is the Divine that reaches out to you if you call for it. And that's where i got stuck, no answer, no help.

What do you mean by timing of other people?

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Re: changing your life using the Placebo method
« Reply #7 on: February 13, 2018, 04:48:47 AM »
Hi Dan,
While I'm writing a response, I want to go ahead and send you three links for healers that give free energetic help and healing:

Charlie:   To get the next healing time, subscribe to his email notifications located at the bottom of the web page. To attend, all you need to do is lie down, relax and open when the healing starts. The energy only needs your intent to connect in order to connect with you. He hasn't made the official time yet, but the next healing is happening in early March. I've participated in a healing session & felt the energy - good stuff. He's a new guy in the healing scene - but effective. There are people walking who couldn't walk, etc.

Braco: A healer in Europe for the last 20 years. This man helped lift me up out of major emotional overwhelm and I also had an increase in physical and monetary well being within a couple months after my first session. Sometimes he travels to the US for live healings, but mostly there are online streamed healings that are great! The energy is no different online, and I can still feel it very strongly . Sample healings have been the disappearance of agent orange in a vet, a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit shrinking by 80% and recovery, MS symptoms gone, etc.

Here's a link to his livestreaming page (free)

Next livestreaming is in 7 days! He does streams every hour on the hour on healing days, with introductions, a video, and then a healing around 20-25 minutes into the stream.

Another man is Abdy Electriciteh - (Interestingly, his last name appears to be his real last name, and not something he made up) He does an energy transmission every hour every day. His feels to be more of an energetic boost than a healing, per say. But it's good energy.

Here's his link:

All three of these guys - most especially Braco, have helped me along the way. I hear you on how some things a person just needs some help with. They definitely helped me, and they are all free.

Hope these help!

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Re: changing your life using the Placebo method
« Reply #8 on: February 13, 2018, 07:27:19 AM »
Hi Dan,

Firstly, I wouldn't worry about understanding the meditations as much as just practicing them. I would think that if you have a basic understanding about Self, Ego, reflections of you, etc, that should be enough to get started. The meditation its self feels to me to be the means and the result. Like jogging every day would make you stronger...the meditations develop certain aspects of yourself, and then that affects everything else.

Have you checked out you tube? Lots of interesting presentations by Dr. Joe available to help in understanding....

I understand about the “gifts” not being evident yet! The comment was meant to encourage trust and patience, and in no way to downplay heartbreak or pain.

I was severely abused, in every way, as a child, by three male adults in my life from the age of 2 to 6. No way would I tell that little girl that there was a gift in it for her. It would be completely inappropriate and harmful.

 The hellfire religion I was brought up in was another source of abuse and terror of a God who wanted to destroy me in fire for the slightest offense. I was actually raised to believe that there was an UNKNOWABLE sin I could commit that would irrevocably condemn me to hell forever.

But…many years later…having reclaimed much of my self, I can see the gift. There was no where in my outer world where I could turn for safety and love, and my inner world was grown instead. The strength and resilience I already had was developed, and my love and connection with what I call God (I also like the idea of the Field) has a strong, secure foundation that isn’t tied into the outer world. (Though nature always helps connect!) At present, I’m no Mother Theresa – but I recognize the value in what I’ve been given as a direct result of my experiences.

You write English very well for it to be a second language! May I ask, what is your first language and where you are? I’m New Mexico - USA

I hear you about life being a bit too much right now to have a lot of extra energy to put towards your healing. It really does take a lot of energy to make movement, and it sounds like there are a lot of places where your energy is going to right now. And, no matter who you are – if your body is exhausted and in pain, it can be an effort to breath, let alone focus on anything else.

I hope the links I sent to the energy healers help.

In the meantime, a simple exercise you can do to reclaim your energy is:

Sit for 10 minutes everyday and breath back in your energy. When I first started it, I couldn’t feel much. But after one month, I could feel the energy around my body swirling and increasing. And I just felt better physically with increased energy levels.

All you do is sit, relax, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths – then look back at your day. Allow the first image that pops into your mind to be what you work with. (No wrong place to start). Sit with the image and recall what you can – sights, smells, sounds and your feelings. Once you get a sense of the moment, tune into how you were feeling and hold that in your awareness. Turn your head to the right. Sweep your head to the left, and as you do, breath in through your nose and breath back in your energy. Once your head is on the left side, sweep your head back to facing forward and breath out of your mouth. With that outbreath, send back any one else’s energy that was with you. (Or just give the space you were in its energy) That’s it.
Don’t overthink or worry about energy. Just intend to bring back your energy and to send back the other energy. When I bring back my energy, I tune into the feeling I was having. It has a sensation – maybe it feels cold, or hot, or maybe it looks red or blue – any thing you get, just work with that.

This is a way for you to reclaim all that energy going out into the world. It can also help de-cord you from you and your stalker. As you bring your energy back, you will likely feel the emotions that go with the event, which is good, just breath them into yourself, and hold them and love them as much as you can & it will help you process and integrate them.

A couple notes: Bringing in a “negative” emotion that belongs to you can never hurt you. All it does is integrate it. Integrated emotions blend and heal and add to your wholeness. It’s when they are outside of you that they run amok and attract similar circumstances.

Sending a loved one’s energy back to them can never harm your connection. It only sends back any projections/energetic cording. Sending them back their energy helps increase your authentic connection. Sending energy back to a perpetrator also does no harm. It’s already their energy, and they are responsible to deal with it.

Karma, Purpose, Choas and Creation:

Speaking of unintegrated negative emotions running amok and attracting circumstances – From my point of view – Karma is a thing…it feels to be a real thing that affects us. But, it’s not an all-powerful force that drives our lives with no ability on our part to cause our own effects. If anything, I see Karma as an aspect of life meant to help us move and grow when we’re unconscious, and then it becomes a force that we can exercise our own creative abilities “against”, once we become more self-aware. Like resistance training. Eventually, I see Karma as falling completely aside – like training wheels that come off.

I find the idea of being cursed to be a self-limiting idea, and the substance of a bubble that would keep out a sense of personal ability to change circumstances.

My experience has been that the mind wants to tie down black and white reasons and rules, so it can figure out what’s safe or how to be good enough, so we can get our needs met. But I think some things seem to happen for no apparent reason, because there is no reason.

My sense is that there is truly a greater Purpose, and we can open to and allow that Purpose to flow through us and we can co-create a beautiful life, with synchronicities and life responding to our intent.
My sense is also that there is an element of randomness and a “chaotic” force inserted into life for …magic…basically. Things that can’t be known or predicted so that creation is given opportunities to become the unimagined.

I know…don’t tell me that crap when I’m late for work, and just got my third freaking flat tire this month! But I do thing there’s a truth in it. I think the chaotic is a benevolent force that can feel awful sometimes – but from a different perspective is super creative. And from an eternal perspective, can never truly do us harm.

When I said we can’t know the timing of other people, I was referring to when you expressed a sense of frustration over how things seem to work for other people, but not for you. I meant that we can’t really know what another person has been through, or what happened to bring about their positive (or negative) changes. And, we can’t know how “where they are at” ties into their overall life purpose.  Maybe it’s not even directly tied into a purpose, maybe they are where they are at just because that’s where they believe the must or should be.
It's futile to attempt to use our current circumstance and try to draw a conclusion about where we are in comparison to others, or how well we’re doing, or whether things will ever change. It’s not a beneficial place to put our attention. All we can do is be where we are and take actions to make the changes we want. Even little actions. Anything to get the energy moving.

The idea that you can’t pull yourself out of the water, taken as a linear, closed concept, seems another self-limiting belief.

In a way, it’s true – we need help, often! At the same time, I remember telling a spiritual teacher, once, that my mind was telling me it was arrogant for me to think I could do this without God’s help. And he asked me “What makes you think God isn’t helping you?”

There are answers all around. Answers inside…

Again hope the links I sent help! Especially the one for Braco – incredible healer – and free healing live streaming in 7 days….
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Re: changing your life using the Placebo method
« Reply #9 on: February 16, 2018, 09:19:36 AM »
Hi Amber,

thanks for the links, I will look into them

The idea that you can’t pull yourself out of the water, taken as a linear, closed concept, seems another self-limiting belief.
It is something that has been taught by a guru, not something I came up with or believed in before. The idea is that some things in life people can't do themselves and that is where the Divine steps in. For example fill in the emptiness, the void that is inside of everyone, when people feel lonely even when they aren't, when they have everything they could possibly want or need and still do not feel satisfied.
We people think we can do everything ourselves, but we cannot. This is what I meant explaining with this teaching.
That is why it is difficult sometimes to make sure the message or text I'm writing is being received the way I was intending it to be, when English is not my native language.
Dutch is my mother language and it's where I live.

I know it is not okay to compare results from others as everyone is different and follows their own path.
But that is not what I was doing. I wasn't evaluating or examining their growth, I only saw or heard that they grew in every which way by doing and exercising the things they were being taught such as meditating, self contemplating, Sadhana's, wealth ritual, Deeksha (energy transfer for Awakening), health courses and more. In time, people experienced more loving relationships with next of kin, growth in wealth, growth in health and growth in their bond with their Divine. Whether it being Jesus, Allah, the Light, the Cosmos or whatever it is for them.
But when life turns around and introduces these spiritual things in life you might assume that that is for a reason for me too. But maybe it has another purpose for me, I don't know.
It just felt strange why it didn't work for me. So it is not compairing, it is just noticing that that didn't work for me, as a lot of things do not.
Tell me, how could the idea of being cursed be self-limiting? When all the things you do not change the life you're living and you get zero help other then for money I don't have, and you have no connection established with the Divine, how can one not feel either being with bad karma or cursed. You do know that a curse thrown upon someone was part of life in history. Why could it not be possible in the eyes of people that certain things are inherited or taken along from previous lives. All is energy. People do not only inherit the characteristics of their parents, but also their struggles, their pains, as well as from our ancestors. 
Things did work out for you as well, you've said it yourself, that there was an increase in physical and monetary well being. I thinks it's not so strange that you start noticing all these things not happening with yourself when doing the same things for years.

It's futile to attempt to use our current circumstance and try to draw a conclusion about where we are in comparison to others, or how well we’re doing, or whether things will ever change. It’s not a beneficial place to put our attention. All we can do is be where we are and take actions to make the changes we want. Even little actions. Anything to get the energy moving.
That's exactly what I am doing all these years. But the energy in my body on dries out, I feel it in every cell. The last few months I have experienced extreme illness and nearly passed out. The stress of all these things occurring are taking their toll so it seems.
If one hasn't been stalked then they do not know what they are talking about. Especially if they tell you it's probably not meant for you, or, that can't be possible. They believe it can happen to people far far away, but not when it happens right down in the neighborhood. Would you stay on the couch with a smile on your face when someone comes to your house every day several times, even at night and scares you, intimidates you, shoots guns, hunks the horn everywhere you go or if you turn on the lights, go to bed, take a shower, get up in the morning, kicks over the tombstone of your deceased mother, pisses against your front door, do I have to go on?
and then people tell me that I should reach out to God, like if I've never done that! Come on, get real  and imagine that there could be a possibility that there might be something else going on. Why the hell wouldn't I already have made a turnaround for all these years?

Here I consulted a healer who told me that I have major blockages in my family line dating back before my grandparents. He told me it transcended also into my life. He did a Puja (ritual) for it. In the end he refunded me, due to "work not done", said he couldn't help me out and therefore refunded me.
Really sick and tired of all this shit happening over and over. Want to focus on solutions but that's exactly what I am doing all the time. Need to get a bonding relationship with my Divine so things can start turning around.
Need my Divine to pull me out by the hair!

Thanks for the links, I'm gonna check them out!

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Re: changing your life using the Placebo method
« Reply #10 on: March 05, 2018, 09:31:02 PM »
Hello Dan,

I did not read all of the advise you received so forgive a repetition.

I borrowed the books BtHoBY and You are the Placebo and read them aloud onto an app, Voice Record Pro, I downloaded on my iPad. I recorded  numerous versions of their meditations with different musical backgrounds. I’ve had great success listening to these frequently. Have you tried Audible? I have it but I like my own meditation recordings, it is comforting to hear myself give me permission, and of course it is the music I love in the background.

I am very sorry to here of your health issues. Mine is alcoholism and sugar addition which is easily cured by self control. I have had astounding results calming my negative thoughts and ignoring the irritants in my world all because of diligence with Dr Joe’s materials.

I have recently begun the intensive and progress downloads that were recommended to you. I am not quite halfway through, but I feel confident assuring you there is nothing that was not covered in those two books save newer data. If you heartfelt do the meditations twice daily and bolster your belief in them with refreshing from the chapters from time to time I feel you will reap great benefit.

For me buying a comfortable Bluetooth head set I could wear sleeping was a good investment as I did not want to disturb my partner. My job is also compatible with having a headset on and saturating  my mind with these books and meditations. I also watch Dr Joe on YouTube, as well as a variety of kriya yogis and Edgar Cayce Reflections podcasts. is a source for cures for every sort of ailment. I have used their advise for joint pain, foot pain and diet, totally clears when I follow the advice, I have not had a cold since changing my diet in June.

And in case you get caught up on karmic advice, there is no karma that can not be overcome by kindness and forgiveness. Don’t be overly concerned by what past life, or this life for that matter, situation brought on your ills. Concentrate on patience, not judging others, letting go and moving on.

I truly hope this helps you and you reap immediate results.

The universe awaits your request, you need only ask.
Ask earnestly and often.
Walk in Beauty
Walk in Beauty 💫