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Aloha, All!

I did share with Laleny who has a new post under General Topics, Manifesting When It Involves Another Person - or something quite similar - just now.  If it is a subject you wrestle with, I humbly offer it as worth reading, especially since it is better written and NONE of it is repeated here.  Promise.

As soon as I could, I watched the whole Intensive & Progressive Workshops, even though I kept having to rewind when I found my mind had taken off somewhere and left the class behind. Plus, I dove into every meditation.  I loved it and ended up ordering all of the meditations from the on-line Progressive Workshop as well as all the stuff from Dr. Joe's Super Natural Book.  Yes, I even ordered the Kaleidoscope DVD.  My old self, with the Chinese heart, enjoyed getting 20% off everything for my first order, but this personality was gone when I dove deeper and returned to get the rest of the meditations & Abundance teachings I thought I could skip.

Don't get me wrong, I still put in the code for the 20% Discount for ordering before the New Year - I do appreciate Dr. Joe's gift to us all - but the old personality and tug from lack was gone.  It was simply nice to have & do, but I would have been equally happy and bought them all without it! 

THE GIFT OF SHIFT:  This is after having been homeless and in a shelter for the last 9 months while earning less than $800 a month.  Because of a shift in the needs and finances of my client, I earn less than $500/mo now.

So, here is the thing.  Although while watching the videos or whenever I listen to one of his recordings, I will respond, "yes," and raise my hand when he asks things, etc, I still wasn't re-wiring my brain with the information he was making the rest of the class repeat. And repeat. And repeat.  I am referring to the intervals during the discussion breaks they have kindly edited out for expediency and a better recording.

BACKSTORY:  I am still healing from a brain injury from 2004.  On Dec 1, 2017, my car of 7 months was struck by another driver resulting in a 2nd concussion that was causing me to pass out daily for 1 - 3 hours in addition to doing things like saying the wrong words or putting them in the wrong order repeatedly. 

I kept doing the work, and although I could recognize what Dr Joe was going to say or said because I had heard most of it repeatedly from other YouTubes and every recording I could find of Dr Joe as well as reading his books, I was going blank or completely unable to competently replay in my head what had been said.

This is when I took action and stood up, ran to the computer every time he said for the class to have a discussion about what he had just shared, paused the video, turned to the angel on the top of my Christmas tree and repeated to the angel everything I could remember that was just shared by Dr. Joe.  If I couldn't do it or left out huge chunks of info, I would replay the section of video until reaching the sharing section and repeat it to my angel.  If it I still couldn't repeat it after a couple of more rewinds and tries, I would let Dr. Joe say it, and repeat it as the video was playing.  I plan to repeat this until I can recall the information long enough to say it to my angel.

The thing I noticed upon doing this was when I did the meditations, and I am sensitive and have been meditating for hours for decades now, what unfolded during them increased much more and so did the length of time I remained elevated afterwards.  I was actually walking around with the consciousness of a new personality that really did believe the focus of my meditation was an "of course!" or a done deal.  No doubt it existed as my experience.  This was true even if it was a new area of focus I had just written down that day for the class.  Yes, often, all day and into the next this lasted until I sat to do more or was too tired that night from working, doctors and all the tasks I had to accomplish so when I did sit for at least my meditation outside of class, I was too tired to do it as well as I wished.

I share this because it made such an impact so immediately, and because I know how easy it is to be passive about our learning rather than actively participating in it.  This is how I reached that point for me to have a REALLY FANTASTIC NEW YEAR AND DAY AFTER NEW YEAR WITH OUT A SINGLE DIP OR BLIP in consciousness.

Yes, my body hurt.  Afterall, it is still going to physical therapy 3 times a week and a chiropractor twice a week and a bunch of other stuff.  Yes, it was repetitive - which is one of the main ways we learn.  Yes, sometimes, I really didn't want to, even after doing it fine 3 minutes before and I was now at the next pause and repeat.

Yet, I found every time I did push and do it, I got more and more elevated, even if my energy dropped off between repetitions, and at some points, Dr Joe goes in spurts where I have to run across the room to the computer to pause video in less time it took for me to sit!

When I got to week 7 - I play them one after the other as much as possible to achieve more of an immersion experience -  I tried repeating the material to a picture of my husband that is located above the computer instead of my Christmas tree angel, and hidden dialogues of how he could care less about this, etc, began to block my focus & flow of information.

My angel knows a lot about Dr. Joe's Intensive and Progressive workshops and is going to continue to learn more as I do, because I intend to listen and participate in class as often as I can until the 93 days is up.

And you can bet that as soon as I learn the material better, I am going to challenge myself to repeat it to the various pictures I have of my family.  This isn't to teach or change them at all:  it's to see what hidden obstacles pop up in me when confronted with them.

BACKSTORY:  My husband walked out 2 summers ago to be with someone else he had been, well, you know. . . and he took the young 'tween & teen kids away a couple of months before that for them to live exclusively with their biological mother.  If you know anything about children & family, you know there is much more to being a parent than contributing genetic raw material to get an understanding of how they were and are being raised. . . I haven't been welcome to visit or see my Inlaws or grandkids from the oldest child since the first was 1 and the younger one is now 1 - I wasn't even told when the pregnancy or birth happened to this one or a nephew about the same age.  My mother stopped speaking to me 7 years ago, sister etc all same story just different dates.  I haven't seen family though I do have their gifts from past mother's day, father's day, birthdays and Christmas still under the tree. To break with tradition, this year, I decided not to deliver them after I got them out of storage.  It has been 2 or more years since I have seen them. 

Except for my husband, who came for Christmas but then kept saying he would "call & come in an hour" at 3 hour intervals all day until New Years happened & he then refused to come at all. 

PERSONAL SHIFT:  I had been waiting with a heart-felt purchased and personally prepared seafood feast for the family since 1:30pm this New Year's afternoon.  Yes, it took all the funds saved up on my food card from all those months I was without a home.  Plus another $100 cash.  YET, I remained in elevated spirits THE WHOLE TIME and was happy to eat it with a couple of people who recently were or still are homeless on Tuesday, the day after New Years. These were people I met toward the end of living homeless for those 9 months.  But, if they hadn't been able to make it, I would have been equally happy to store as much of the feast as possible and eat it alone.  And even toss out what couldn't survive the wait.  All without my little Chinese heart breaking, putting up a fuss or going into any story about it.

For those of you who don't understand frugality and think the Scotts or Jewish or any other old country culture or your tight-wad in-law has a corner on the market, the belief in Hawaii is we Chinese invented it, so of course we are best at it. It comes from all that repetition, the genetic transfer, immersion in lack and cost-opportunity consciousness or simply cost-consciousness.

SO HERE'S THE THING & I AM NOT COMPLAINING WHEN I SHARE BACKSTORY. . . IT'S FOR A TOUCH OF PERSPECTIVE, to help you appreciate the contrast:  My Aunt, who refused to speak to me since my father's funeral 3 years ago because she was AFRAID I WAS GOING to say something negative about my father at his funeral, her brother, and has ignored all my communication attempts since, JUST CALLED ME TODAY OUT OF THE BLUE to say the New Year's wish I had sent her was a nice thing for me to do. 

A Touch More Backstory:  Though I am the oldest daughter & was the only family member who never abandoned my father FOR YEARS, I was the only person of about 70 gathered who was forbidden to speak when it was "my turn" by my family.  I also admit he was refusing to heal our relationship - there was no fight, just a flat refusal to see, visit, text, write or speak with me - and ONLY me - for the 3 years he was dying of cancer.  So none of these people has been speaking to me, answering calls, texts, etc for a long minute - some of them from way before this event.

YET ANOTHER GIFT FROM MY DIVINE:  The day after New Years, I received a birthday card (my birthday was in September) signed by my mother, sister, brother, etc sent with a generous check - as if covering previous years of silence.  I hadn't sent them anything this year except New Year's wishes & greetings on Facebook Messenger  that none of them responded to and perhaps never saw though they are all avid Facebookers & emailers.  I, however, am not.

ONE MORE GIFT, THOUGH I AM SURE IT IS NOT THE FINAL GIFT:  All while I was staying at the shelter, I was not permitted to put in for any of Dr Joe's classes, because, scholarship or no,despite head injuries, seizures, a 3rd pre-cancerous surgery or any other medical issue (my car had been hit & totaled on Valentine's Day 2017 as I was forced to move from my home to the shelter), I was not permitted to be away to attend any of Dr Joe's workshops.  By the time I got my apartment, a miracle sharing for another time, the only Advanced Retreat Dr Joe had in the USA in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is a 5 1/2 hour drive from Denver, Colorado, had sold out in just 4 days.  It was more than a week after the sellout, yet I put my name on the waitlist for the event.

Like Dr Joe's desire to keep his focus on the really big things he is creating during his 2 hr morning meditation, I did the same for all my meditations.  (You will get to hear about the Wine Business card he lost and how he went about creating that event in his "spare time" during take-off and landings in the Progressive Workshop video.)  I do a minimum of 2 hours a day, but more typically 4 hours of meditation or more.  I wanted to keep those precious times focused on my GREATNESS and who I want to be and how I want to contribute as a Divine being, etc.  So, every few days, when I was reminded of the waitlist or tried to remember to set an alarm to prompt me to check email for that 48 hour invitation to sign up and pay for the actual course, I would simply feel happy about it for a moment and move on to all the other stuff - like unpacking, shopping for & wrapping gifts, buying feast delicacies, working in the 2 or more medical appointments I had 3 days a week, etc.

I remembered to check my email late this Tuesday night, the night after New Year 2018, without having remembered to properly set up my alarm to prompt me in over a week, yet there it was!  We met in time and space!  My 48 hour invitation to pay for and sign up for my first in person event with Dr Joe - the week long Advanced Retreat - had posted a few hours before!  (I had attended the 2 live meditation events he offered this past year.)  I didn't wait even though I had worked, cooked fresh pasta Alfredo bent over in pain to serve my guests that night, and it was important I go to bed so I could drive to my doctor's appointments.  I didn't want to forget & let this treasure slip by!  Instead, I stayed up an additional 2 hours to accept my invitation, THEN meditated going to bed as the sun was rising.  The next morning - well later in the mornining when the sun was higher in the sky - I booked my hotel room, and dropped into the forum to see about roommates - something I stumbled across & joined while waiting for my name to pop up on the waitlist.

I am going to the Santa Fe week long Advanced Retreat!

AND I have 2 reservations for the Santa Fe retreat!

The 1st is a single King suite ($129 /night) with kitchen & living room to give away for someone else to benefit from or should I not get a roommate for the 2 Queen Suite I booked for $10 more a night. (Today when I called to learn about their Complimentary Breakfast & light dinner/snacks so I could put it in my roommate posting, I learned ALL remaining Homewood Suites at Santa Fe North, just a 3 1/2 minute walk from the main hotel, are booked from Feb 9th -11th right in the middle of the retreat, so this is a treasure though the Dr Joe's staff announced they are working with Hilton Buffalo Thunder to reserve another block of rooms at affordable rates.  FYI:  Their lowest negotiated special price was higher than this price.)

I paid using the rent money I had to save to qualify to move into this apartment, so I could escape the shelter.  I had to show them I had DOUBLE one year's rent saved in order to qualify since I don't earn enough to even pay the rent each month.  By the way, I didn't earn (or steal or inherit or borrow) the money I had on deposit; it came to me as reimbursement for family medical bills over the 3 previous years plus my husband's tax refund after beginning Dr Joe's work, and I HELD ONTO IT even though I had to pay nearly $10,000 cash for a car, plus a bunch of other things. 

I even handed $6000 to my husband (much more than the tax return cash) to get him out of a debt he was having to work 3 or more hours each night for over a year plus repay from his full-time day job. Because of the 2 jobs and having to sit for the 'tween & teen - they ended up in trouble with the law after being removed from our household, so now must be supervised - he was getting fewer than 4 hours of sleep a day, and his health and heart were taking a nose dive.  It was the right thing to do even though I will have to have $ to purchase a replacement car since the insurance company told me they will be totaling it and believe they won't give me much for it though purchased in excellent condition with less than 60,000 miles on it.

And I must replace all of the money removed from the account I used to qualify for this apartment so I can stay here when the lease comes up in a few months.  Yes, I signed for less than a year so when I resign, it will be at this lower rate before (if) they raise it again in August as they did last year. This will grant me an additional 6 months or 18 months total at a lower rent.  If they don't raise the rent, I still win!

Fortunately, most of the time I believe it will work out, and it does involve a great deal more than the money being here - which seems to be the simpler part!

Oh, and since I no longer feel impoverished and am still working on my Greatness and greatest dreams, I will be working shortly at a much better income, and a really cool occupation, and making contributions - financial and otherwise.

So, who would like to be my roommate for the Advanced Meditation Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico February 4 - 12, 2018?

Much Love & Aloha, Tame'

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Wow girl!

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Mahalo, Heidi!