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Author Topic: Comparison to Other Neural Programs, Summary of Steps, and Music-less Meditation  (Read 994 times)

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Hi everyone, I’m new here.
Working steadily with Dr. Joe’s materials, reading/listening to “Breaking The Habit…,”  and “You Are The Placebo” and have a couple of his meditations from youtube.

A few newbie questions, please:
1. Concise summary of all steps?: In the 2 books I’m able to get an overview of the retraining steps - induction, recognizing, admitting, declaring, surrendering, and so forth - but there seems to be much information to absorb and practices to be aware of (mental rehearsing, coherence, etc.) through hundreds of pages. It’s a bit hard to collect it all into one concise step-by-step list of exactly what to do each day as part of your retraining practice. Is there a “short list” summary of all the daily practices?

2. Meditations sans music: As an experienced meditator I prefer silence, or at most a faint gong/wind-chime in the background. The new-agey synth music behind Dr. Joe’s basic inductions sounds dated, and is overpowering. Does he or anyone have all his different meditations without music?

3. Comparison to other neural retraining programs: In addition to Dr. Joe’s work, I’m aware of the Gupta Program, Silva, and Annie Hopper’s Dynamic Neural Retraining System, and have been invited to do all of their 3-5 day workshops, or at least get their full DVD sets. Has anyone here worked with any of those, enough to make a clear comparison between them and sort out which approach is 'best' (I know that’s subjective, but would love to hear people’s opinions anyway.)

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Hi Teja,

I can give a part of an answer to your third question. I don't practice Joe Dispenza's meditation because, until now, I think it's not suiting me.

I've made the Silva Method more than 15 years ago. I haven't used it since then, but it has helped me to begin to think more "positive".

I use a lot EFT, very often EMDR. I meditate doing at the same time, cardiac coherence (heartmath) with a very appropriate music and some very appropriates videos (only images - I cut the sound) found by chance on the net.

I've made 3/4 of the programme Gupta. Ashok Gupta gives a lot of very very wise advices, and his meditations are operating miracles for me. But I don't feel the necessity to use them every day.

I use also other techniques and methods, everyday.

And all that together, this is pushing me very strongly to evolve a very good way those last months.

I don't want to make counter-advertising for Joe Dispenza. I see how well people are evolving with his method. And I have the impression that I'm doing a relatively similar evolution, so that often I can even give tips to people asking questions on the forum (but of course not about the real practice of Joe Dispenza's meditation). And at the same time, I'm convinced that each one has to find his best way to evolve, and there are so many available at the moment.

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Thanks Calispera.
Fortunately I've been able to answer two of my questions myself. It's a good thing, too, as this forum seems very lonely and unactive. Very few replies, to anybody's posts, over the last 6-12 months, with the most active back-&-forth being with a guy who insists Dr. Joe stole much from Ramtha, and then disappeared when asked what the hell he was doing here in the first place. Sheesh!

Anyway, with continued reading, practice and integration of my own techniques, I have been able to synthesize a good step-by-step regimen that includes all of Dr. Joe's daily practices, so that takes care of my first question.

And I simply re-recorded Dr. Joe's meditation scripts in my own voice, with some personal additions and without music, so the meditations are going great.

I do wish some more folks were familiar with the other neural retraining programs i mentioned, and had replied about them, as I'm still interested in some comparisons...but as I said, it's pretty quiet and unresponsive here.