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Progressive Workshop Schedule
« on: May 13, 2017, 09:06:35 AM »
Hi there,
I am new in the forum and happy to be here and chat away about Dr Joe :)

There is a question I would like to ask you though re the Progressive Workshops.
I am thinking about attending one in November. However the city where it will take place
is as close as it gets, which still means that I will have to travel quite a bit. From the schedule
available on the website which sells the tickets, i can see that the Workshop already starts in the
morning at 8.30. As I mentioned before, I will be travelling from further away and really would
like to ask you if anyone knows if it is possible to access the workshop let's say with an hour delay
or so... That means, I would wait for the first break an try to get in then instead of 8.30.
Please excuse, this may sound like a stupid questions but it is really problem for me. It is a big
dream of mine to participate and still - due to some health and money issues - this will be
the only possibility I have to get there and get the most out of it. I just don't want to run into trouble
if I am coming later. Maybe I will be rejected at the entrance...? ://

So my question really is, does anyone know when the first break on the first workshop day will
be so that I can schedule my arrival in a way, that I will be able to make it until then, and if I will
still be admitted in. Your replies will mean a lot to me, due to distance etc this will be the only
possibility for me to attend, other than that it will be the last Workshop in this format which I will
be able to afford.

Thank you very much xxxxxx