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Overcoming Health Challenges / Issues in my lower back
« Last post by Thomas147 on Today at 02:50:39 AM »
Hi all, I am a walker and I also have balance issues. I used to have an active life up until about an year ago. Last year I had a serious accident and after that I had to be very careful though; as the hills, stairs and walks are too long and need to be managed slowly. I had several issues in my lower back and a failed fusion at L5/S1 which resulted in Nevro Senza SCS. The doctor there asked me take the fusion trial and it helped me to fix the issue to a far extent. But still I find walking difficult at times. I feel the weakness in my leg and need of a stick to walk with.
I feel like while I’m walking, I’m damaging my back again. This is a real concern to me. I thought of getting physiotherapy at home as I feel I’ve been very weak around my middle knees and ankle. I am also confused and wonder if this is a healthy pain caused by regular exercise and being active most of the time. But before getting the physiotherapy at home, I would need to get approval from a spinal specialist from any registered rehab clinic in Brampton.
Does anyone have these problems? If so what would you recommend? It would be helpful to speak with others who are using similar services. Thanks  in advance.
Overcoming Health Challenges / Anastasia and asthma medication?
« Last post by mariegray on Today at 01:57:20 AM »
Hi, I’m from Lexington. My daughter’s wisdom tooth is coming in but there is not enough space at her gums for the tooth to erupt. It’s partially impacted. Her gums have swelled and severe pain is also there. The erupted tooth is visible but it’s covered in a layer of gum tissue. I took an appointment for her at a nearby clinic for impacted wisdom tooth extraction. My friend told me that the impacted tooth may cause infections and it may damage other teeth. Is that true? Will there be any issue if the impacted tooth  is removed? Will the tooth grow back? My daughter is asthmatic. She takes daily medication for this.  I know Anastasia will be done before the removal process. Is there any problem taking Anastasia along with the asthma medication?
General Discussion / Cataract and smoking!!
« Last post by jamie55 on July 26, 2017, 10:44:33 PM »
Hi all,
Does smoking lead to eye problems? My father is a chain smoker. He is addicted to it. Now he is 60 years old. He is having lungs related diseases due to this excessive smoking. I think this bad habit might have been affected to his eyes also. I warned him many times but he can’t give up his smoking habit. Now he is having a hazy vision and have an increased sensitivity to glare from lights especially when driving at night. He is a diabetic patient too. His unhealthy lifestyle may be the reason of all these diseases. I am very sad for his situation. Now I used to read newspapers for him. He is saying that he may be affected with cataract. I read an article about cataract and I think a surgery will be a good remedy. In that article they mentioned about a cataract surgery clinic in San Antonio. So I took an appointment in that clinic. Will it be helpful? Is the surgery painful? Please help me to overcome my problem. Thanks in advance.
General Discussion / Re: Skin issues
« Last post by jamie55 on July 26, 2017, 08:35:41 PM »
Even I have a similar question!!
HI, I am looking for a travel companion to go to the workshop. anybody from this area flying into Chicago for the workshop dates?
Looking for Roommates? / Re: roommate for chicago
« Last post by mauerbach2 on July 26, 2017, 02:47:57 PM »
Hi Joni, I have sent you an email. thanks, magda
Left-Brain Lounge / Re: Creating a space for the questioning of Dr Joe's approach
« Last post by truth on July 26, 2017, 11:29:53 AM »

I am new to this forum.... and I would think having a special section for people want to be critical, skeptical, doubtful etc (all of which I respect)

and the rest of the board can be for those of us who want to DO THE WORK! :)

Hi Geniuses:

Does anyone know where in Australia Dr Joes 1 week event (I heard next year the Advanced and AFU will be combined into one whole week) will be held  i.e. Sunshine Coast, Melbourne etc.?
I just can't wait to hear where its going to be. :))
Want to book flights etc.
General Discussion / Re: S E X and other stuff
« Last post by truth on July 25, 2017, 01:14:03 PM »
2) Chinese medicine and Sexual Tantra- both recommend for men limiting or not ejaculating as a way of conserving energy, for health and actually for spiritual awakening. And like the pulling the mind out of the body meditation/breath, redirecting that energy upwards towards the brain.

However they do not suggest not being sexual by any means- just a different kind of sex- specifically for men- non-ejaculatory sex.

I have yet to hear Dr. Joe say don't have sex or don't masturbate. What I have heard him say is that  a lot of people (especially men) have excess buildup of sexual energy in the 1st center.

Personally since doing his meditations, my sexual energy is 10x stronger! And simultaneously, I am less sexually "driven" i.e. a slave to it.

More like that energy is available for all aspects of my life


Meditation Questions / Meditations for falling asleep
« Last post by truth on July 25, 2017, 01:04:35 PM »
Has Dr. Joe reccomend anything for people with insomnia or struggle to fall asleep?

I know if I do the various meditations this will heal... just wondering if he offers any tips.

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