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I am doing Dr. Joe’s meditations since 27th of September last year. I am fascinated from  this work and I am having very good results in improving my health, sleeping better and so on. I feel like my body is really getting biological updates and I am very grateful.  I also feel the energy, my fingertips  and even my palms are tingling very often and from time to time the bigger energy comes and my arms and feet  are feeling like they are plugged in the Universe electrical system 😊  . I am doing Breaking the habit of being yourself  every day and trying to do second meditation of Blessing the energy centers some of the days. I went to progressive workshop in Austin last year but for now I am not able to attend advance workshop. I am hopping that is going to happen in the future but for now I need to keep meditating at home. I keep myself connected by listening to Dr J. Live and watching his videos in Youtube. That gives me some vital information and directions.
 Unfortunately, recently I started having nightmares and I am afraid I am doing something wrong. I am looking forward for my meditations and I am not giving them up but if you can help with some advice I will greatly appreciated. Thanks,
Meditation Questions / Re: Meditating while in pain (intense pain)
« Last post by JoanneW on Today at 10:49:12 PM »
Ex La Luz Hiker

I am not doing it at the same time as the others, as it would be 4 a.m. here. I have insomnia, and it would be impossible for me to get up at that time. So I just do it sometime during the day. Going from the assumption that there is "no time" I think this is okay. Still works energetically, I believe.
Hi JoanneW,

   I did see it but my brain didn't want to figure out the time.  I think it would be interesting.  I just went over and checked it out and see I'm in between you and Walk in Beauty, making me 5 AM.  I could set my alarm, but with the drug I take to sleep, I would not be as happy as those threads I read.   It's not impossible, and I won't know until I try, and I presume it would be okay to show up on the thread unscheduled.   But in reality, what would happen is I'd get up, start meditating, and if it were possible for my sleeping self to reply back, it would be write zzzzzzzzzzzz.   

   I did have a very good meditation session today, using his meditation 2, and I think I figured out how to imagine myself healthy.  I don't remember how I did it right now, but it felt right, and I do feel like things have eased back to my pre-last-weekend condition.  I spent virtually the entire day meditating at some level, but it is that deep no person, no time, no where meditation that you can feel changes things.   To keep to the topic of this thread, I spend a lot of time ahead of using the Joe Dispenza meditation doing meditations to get my brain in a deep state so I can separate my body from my being.  If in that state (and I did today for fun at one point), I ask myself, does my body hurt, and I look at my body, oh yes, my body still hurts, but I can turn my attention away quickly and it's gone.  Once I'm there, there is a quick transition to the Dispenza meditation, and "NOW"... Boom...

   Thanks for your encouragement, and I hope to see you in meditation - but if I feel there's no way I can without falling to sleep, I may not.
Hi Everyone,

I am looking for 2 tickets to the Auckland Progressive Workshop Oct 19-21. If you can no longer go please email me at

Thanks very much,
Meditation Questions / Re: Meditating while in pain (intense pain)
« Last post by JoanneW on Today at 11:51:17 AM »
ex La Luz Hiker

Have you read the posts about the Power of 8 group? There are actually on 4 of us right now... but we are meditating and focusing our energy on each other, and one of the goals is improved health. It would be great if you would join us. Please check out the thread.  xoxo
Hi JoanneW,

    That's a good question.  I've been in pain for so long I'm not sure I can remember what a healthy pain free body feels like, but you are right, that's where I need to be.  I've focused on my joy of being on the trail, seeing nature, sunsets from up high, but having that feeling of strength and vitality, and being pain free, that's going to be hard.  I'm sure it's just a mind set that I need to figure out.  I do often look at persons on the TV and wonder what it would feel like to not have pain, I'm so used to having it at some level - always. 

    Right now my focus is getting into Mayo this year before winter.  They are working on drugs for this as many vets get this due to cold exposure, plus certain chemo drugs can cause this, locally in feet and hands. People stop the chemo drugs due to the pain, so they are eager to find a solution.  Unfortunately I have it over my entire body, mostly.  Anyway, that's why I need the Mayo Clinic.   Of course, if I could erase the need, I'd be grateful to the universe.  I couldn't imagine doing anything intensively.  I wouldn't last long.

    Thanks for the love and healing vibes.  Right back at you...
General Discussion / Re: Studying "Becoming Supernatural"
« Last post by JoanneW on Today at 02:46:25 AM »
Thanks, Claudine! :)
Meditation Questions / Re: Meditating while in pain (intense pain)
« Last post by JoanneW on Today at 02:45:00 AM »
Can you concentrate on seeing your body healthy, whole, and pain free? Your higher power will know exactly what to do.

I am happy to hear that  you felt better today at the end of your meditations then at the beginning. I know these things take time.

Have you considered taking the Intensive/Progressive workshops? I just started them, and they take my understanding of this to a whole new level.

Sending love and healing vibes your way...

Meditation Questions / Re: Meditating while in pain (intense pain)
« Last post by ex La Luz Hiker on August 18, 2018, 10:50:30 PM »
Hi JoanneW,

   I appreciate your thoughts.   I bought his book at the end of June on Audible.  I can only listen to books now, and it was one that I kept to, and I purchased the meditations on July 18th, so I've been doing his meditations just one month.  Of course before the meditations I was working on my getting my head around the book and apparently able to convince others to buy it.  I find his meditations do work many times to put me in no place as no person, no time, and follow his instructions to create my new reality through my intentions and gratitude, etc.  Thing is, I know it's never perfect, and as I've said when the meditation is over, normally, pain is waiting.  So, it's too early to tell, but I meditate daily, today for 4 hours, and I was fighting a high pain level at first, going in, and I stayed in until I could get the pain under control to do the rest right, and at the end I did feel better. 

   My thing is, however, what happened to me last weekend was because my bedroom temperature dropped around 68F or a combination of a slightly higher temp and higher humidity, and it took me down like nothing I had been doing mattered.  It's a gene expression (TRPM8) the cold gene, and my system is currently damaged.  I'm not sure what to ask for specifically. I usually intend to be healthy and on the trail.  But maybe I should be targeting my body to fix the gene?   Usually nothing like that happened to me until late October, so I'd really like to have this resolved by then!!!

General Discussion / Re: I think I’m going backwards
« Last post by niccool on August 18, 2018, 10:39:05 PM »
When is labour day USA?

If i wanted to buy one meditation, which one would you suggest?
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