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Hi Larry,

Thanks a lot for your precious words, you're so inspiring and you're really helping me.

I have a question so far:
I'll start again with Water Rising and Body parts (I used to alternate them) and I will apply the breathing technique explained in Becoming Supernatural. Would you recommend to split these meditations into steps as indicated by Dr. Joe in Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself book in order to get familiar with it gradually? Just to let you know during my meditation months at the beginning of this year I used to do it gradually untill I could practice all long lenth. Or can I start over again by practicing the whole session?   

Love and Light to you :)


It was sort of a rollercoaster! There was times when I'd start seeing results then get scared, started doubting myself and reverting to old habits like restricting and over exercising and then have to start all over again! You see, it's like Dr Joe says, whatever you focus on expands, and I was focusing on weight loss. To the subconscious mind there is no loss or gain, just weight. I had to reformulate my intention to focus on already being slender while eating anything and everything! There are other things I did to train my mind to believe it. I stopped looking at mirrors and instead just imagined myself exactly how I wanted to look. About the cravings, in the program of the book I mentioned you have to satisfy all your cravings trusting that your body will take care of it without putting on extra weight. That's where it gets really tricky bc we're not used to trusting our bodies! I also study ACIM and since nothing real can be threatened and if I feel that gaining weight is a threat it probably isn't real (but that is a whole different post). Long story short if your intention is correctly formulated in the language of the subconscious mind and your desire is strong enough you can achieve anything and everything.   
Meditation Questions / Re: Which Meditation to use (pt 2)?
« Last post by tnk on November 22, 2017, 09:01:50 AM »
Thank you, this is very helpful!!
Thank you!  :D
General Discussion / Re: Have Anyone tried a 24 hour challenge in "state of creation"?
« Last post by caitlin on November 22, 2017, 08:06:06 AM »
I feel inspired by your comments and the inspiration you shared.  If this is what works for you, then go with it, without worry or corrections.  I've taken your idea, have slightly changed the words slightly to work better for me, and am applying it too.  It's the Intention, and resonance of Love and surrender behind it that shifts perception.  Thank you!
"So, I would advize to stay with a long sentence (much more difficult to transform it in an automatism), and to change it each time you use it, even if the meaning stay the same. The aim is to be present when you use it."

First of all, thank you for the help! Very good !! As I said, I continue to do the meditations (that's the rule for me and I like a lot doing it!) to recognize my negative beliefs and become "aware" and change them. Again, thank you !! Your comment was a "light" to me! God bless you always!! Have a great day!!  ;D
Meditation Questions / Re: 10 minute Heat meditation
« Last post by Larry on November 22, 2017, 06:10:08 AM »

At the beginning of Time-Space meditation it is focused on the heart , maybe it is what you are looking for...

I find that placing my attention on my heart through out the day is a wonderful reminder that we are spirit.

Hi DaVinci_Code,

This is great.

But I see a risk.... don't make it a habit.

I mean, repeating this same sentence is good to switch on the best part of your mental.

But I remember to have done the same kind of use of a sentence, during the day no matter in what situation I was. And I was doing that on the long term. This positive sentence was calming me and putting me in a positive attitude. Each time I fell in a negative state of mind and remarked it, I repeated my sentence. Until I discover one day, that this sentence had become an automatism, that I was using, even without choosing of using it, nearly like a reflex, and sometimes nearly publicly. And at this stage, even if it does good, it doesn't give the same benefit.

The process that Joe Dispenza is proposing is not of changing our habits, but freeing ourselves from mental negative habits.

So, I would advize to stay with a long sentence (much more difficult to transform it in an automatism), and to change it each time you use it, even if the meaning stay the same. The aim is to be present when you use it.

And maybe I'm wrong, somebody will surely tell then.
Meditation Questions / 10 minute Heat meditation
« Last post by Cloud1505 on November 22, 2017, 02:45:10 AM »
Hi all,

on the recent progressive workshop in Rosenheim Dr. Joe used a 10-minute heart meditation. Does anybody know where I can find that?

General Discussion / Have Anyone tried a 24 hour challenge in "state of creation"?
« Last post by DaVinci_Code on November 21, 2017, 04:58:05 PM »
Hi, geniuses!! Before I start writing, I make it clear that I am Brazilian, my English is not fluent. I would like to share some situations that I have been experiencing lately. I reread Dr. Joe's books, especially "Evolve your Brain" (to me this book is "THE KEY"). After thirty days doing the meditations - which are FUNDAMENTAL AND MUST BE DONE DAILY🧠 - I noticed that the moment I did, I noticed the difference of states I felt, but, throughout the day, I began to realize this practice is not enough . Do not get me wrong, please. I repeat, meditations MUST be done! But after re-reading the book I began to notice some constant words that permeate almost every book by Dr. Joe Dispenza. For example - "repetition"; "long time" and Hebb's law. Yesterday, I started a practice, in addition to the meditation that was very successful, especially after reading the excerpt titled "Nerve Impulses Spread the Message", chapter three. There are two sentences that, for me, "opened my eyes" (I copy and paste the images below) - resuming, in addition to the meditations, I began to make a kind of "challenge in 24 hours." That is, even in the Beta state, I began to say to myself positive affirmations always related to divine intelligence and mind toward a new "state of being" for hours and hours. That is, I did not give a "space" for any "harmful belief" to manifest, even doing the daily activities. I did not condemn myself or blame myself at any time, even if I did some bad behavior, I did not blame myself, I continued to do it ... I can only say that I lived in a 24 hours a splendid day.  :D :D

 Well, I hope I have helped and I do not know if this can be bad or good. I would like to "hear" from you.. . God bless you all! :)  - And the main statement I use all day (I repeat in my mind several times a day) and I believe that it is the "SOLID rock", the "pillar" that sustains EVERYTHING and that gives us strength, joy, peace and love in itself is: "I TRUST, I BELIEVE AND LIVE THROUGH THE DIVINE POWER AND INTELLIGENCE THAT RESIDES IN ME, IN THE DIVINE INTELLIGENCE THAT INVOLVES ME AND I DELIVER TO IT ALL MY SORROWS AND MY INTENTIONS. " WITHOUT THAT (Unfaltering trust and faith), FORGET IT!!! (?)
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