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Meditation Questions / Re: How long to meditate?
« Last post by johnmac8 on January 18, 2017, 04:01:34 PM »
Hi Paris which meditation are you referring to? I do the Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself meditation every day and it takes about 1 hour 15 mins and every other day I add the You Are The Placebo meditation.
General Discussion / Crossdreaming issue
« Last post by val_25 on January 18, 2017, 01:49:27 PM »
Hello!  :)
This is my first post on this forum. I have been interested in quantum physics, LOA etc way before and had some moderate success in achieving tasks i set for myself.

As the title says, i have crossdreaming issue. Crossdreaming differs from crossdressing in a way that crossdressers are mostly men that wears womans garments as it feels 'right' to them and they want to 'take care of their feminine side' or they feel that they are in fact a women trapped in the male body. Some of those men decide to underwent a 'reassigment surgery".

Crossdreaming is a compulsory fetish in a heterosexual people, men mostly. Crossdreamer can achieve orgasm only if he's wearing woman garment/garments. Crossdreamers do not have homosexual fantasies or desires. And that is a category i fall into.

I will start off with that im 25 yo male, fit and pretty attractive according to some. I have no problem with confidence but as i was young i have been overweight and had hormonal imbalances, have been basically hopeless. Porn addiction  appeared later in life and had been diminishing to once per week until it dissappeared after 50 days of abstaining. I have no urges or desires to watch porn and it is not my thing right now. Considering this from a crossdreamer perspective i can tell you that porn addiction at least for me is laughable. If porn can bring in people urge for sex strong enough to masturbate, then crossdreamers deal with tenfold stronger urge. If you put a garment to sexually stimulate your body, you stimulate more sense than just your vision of pixels on the screen. You feel your body under garment, womans sexy garment etc.

It is not a matter of just opening a browser with porn and squeezing a knob.
With crossdreaming come fantasy that is more real than pixels on the screen. It comes (pun not intended) with careful preparation, choosing garment and so on. It
 is intense. To the point that sex wit the other person doesn't even come close, unless that person is open for crossdreamer fantasy.

It is strange but it basically feels like you are having fun with the person of the opposite sex. Thoughts keep popping into your head 'this feels so right, so good' but afterwards, even if you didn't orgasm you are baffled and shocked by your behaviour and just want to take off clothes as fast as possible, take a hot shower and then cold shower.

Just one thought and youre on autopilot. As i have no problem with keeping my consciousness in other areas of life, just one thought that pops up about crossdreaming drive and there's no consciousness. It can get really tough to follow path of abstaining from porn and orgasm to rewire a brain. Strangely i have no drive for porn no more but this one crossdreaming thing need to go.
Lately i have problems meditating due to those fantasies.

Tension that comes with not giving to my crossdreaming fantasies are just overwhelming. Sex addiction can be the worst of all kinds as it is the main drive in people and society.

All i want is to rewire my brain for extended period of time and then decide what is right for me.

If there are other people that can relate to my problem or  problem of similar nature.

I really want to get over this but due to that addiction. I laid down smoking, alcohol, caffeine, porn, started retention and training, started fixing my relationship with people and it came naturally. But this one is monumental. Meditation killer.

Thread may serve as topic for different addictions.

Thanks  :)

btw. Im sorry for my English skills, also i type on my mobile.
Hi LuckyMel no problems hope it helped, I was speaking to my sister who is a Reiki Master she also has had similar experiences with energy and a couple of times she felt dreadful during and after a meditation then talking to her teacher she said to go with the process that bad energy is releasing from your body and to let it go. cheers John
General Discussion / Re: Serious Question
« Last post by Calispera on January 17, 2017, 01:58:56 PM »
Economy is not a science, only a construction made by human, made by those who are stealing others.

What I know, is that those who are « poor » in the common use of the term, are those from which several millions are dying every year, because lacking of the money who could have allowed them to buy food, clean water, healthcare, shelter or protection from the cold or the warmth.

Those who own billions of money, as long as they don’t use the totality of it (except for their own welfare) in order to help the millions of people who are dying; they are responsible of this situation. This does not depends of laws. Maybe one day, it will. And those people will have then to « pay » the consequences of their indecent wealth.

And I agree partly that the solution is not the change of economy, but the change of our own way to conceive life, relations, etc. and it implies also to participate as little as possible to this economy that kills people.

For those who would have time and are interested in this subject, there is a nice video talking about money and debt. I’ve seen it very long time ago in French, and discover now that it has been translated in English :

A totally other point of view (not contradictory, but coming from the heart and not from the reason), much closer to what Joe Dispenza is teaching (and much shorter to watch) :

There is also a very nice story about money, not a video, only a text, and unfortunately, I have only a French copy, and didn’t find any translation on the net. “L’île des naufragés” from Louis Even. I’ll try to annex it to this message.
General Discussion / Costa Rica Retreat 2017
« Last post by vaivanc on January 17, 2017, 05:22:10 AM »

I am from India and am planning to enroll for the December 2017 workshop .... Well yes, its a bit too early but am just looking forward to it and need to organize the visa, travel etc.....

Shall also be looking for a roomate .... Anyone interested can email me at

Take Care and be enlightened.
 :) :) :) :)
Speak with Fellow Event Participants / Re: Participants français ??? Parlant français
« Last post by Emilie on January 17, 2017, 02:36:04 AM »
Extra ordinaire!!!!
Revenant du workshop advanced d'Italie je peux vous dire que Joe est un Être extra ordinaire qui est au service de l'évolution de l'humanité. Vous pouvez aller sur sa page Facebook et regarder la méditation en live pour la Paix, la cohérence sur Terre.
Si tous les humaines qui peuplent cette planète étaient connectés à cet Amour nous vivrions la Paix dans ce monde.
C'est un homme débordant de bienveillance et d'Amour, je remercie tous ceux qui doivent être remercié d'avoir eu la chance de vivre ces moments. Et souhaites à toutes et à tous d'être touchés et d'ouvrir son Coeur.
General Discussion / Re: Serious Question
« Last post by palani on January 16, 2017, 04:25:31 PM »
I read this in the news this morning. I have to share it here.
Wealth is measured in money.  Money was outlawed in 1933 (in the US of A) and at varying times in the rest of the world.  That is to say specie that represented wealth simply became another commodity.  A generation or so later and most would prefer to measure their wealth in terms of the debt instruments that replaced true wealth.

While the governments of the world are well able to crank out paper money as fast as paper can be run through a mill and ink applied don't forget for an instant that this is not money but debt.  So as long as the wealthy measure their wealth in terms of fiat money they really are on the wrong side of null.  Visualize a line with zero (null) at the center.  To the right of the line estates are accounted in black ink and to the left of null estates are accounted in red ink.

What the article considers the most wealthy are actually the most poor.

Consider this situation where I have arbitrarily defined the U.S. dollar to be equal to the wage paid to a man for a days work from sunrise to sunset.  Now consider that there are 6 billion or so people on the earth and Bill Gates measures his estate at 18 billion dollars.  A little math will tell you that Bill can hire everyone on the face of the earth for 3 days before he runs out of fiat money. 

In this light just how rich is Bill?  He is only three days away from becoming prosperous at the introductory status of PAUPER with money reserves of INSOLVENT.

Many people spend their entire lives working on the red side of the money line.  Occasionally they run out of money and instead of being responsible and insolvent they choose irresponsibility and bankruptcy. 
Anyone of the red side of the line is susceptible.  Anyone going through bankruptcy is infected.  Anyone making it all the way through bankruptcy gets to carry on in RED WORLD but after 7 years they become susceptible again. This is the SIR cycle of the infectious disease world.  The 7 year period between bankruptcies is termed RECOVERED but does not mean you have been vaccinated against becoming infected again.  It is indeed a vicious cycle.  The only real cure is to operate outside the rules of RED WORLD and get to the black side of the line.  Should you do this you will no longer be susceptible to bankruptcy rules.
General Discussion / Re: Is the online course "Making your mind matter" worth it?
« Last post by Acoustic Di on January 16, 2017, 01:05:42 PM »
Hi Goldenlight,

There is a lengthy discussion on this forum regarding this program here:,441.0.html

Best to you.
General Discussion / Is the online course "Making your mind matter" worth it?
« Last post by Goldenlight on January 16, 2017, 02:23:19 AM »
Hi everyone!

I've seen 4 amazing videos of Dispenza and I'm so inspired. I've bought the app Change Games, which is about the same things (your personality creates your reality) and it even has two great guided meditations. I've read the book "Breaking the habit of being yourself". Now I think about buying the online course. But is it worth it? I know it will take me even deeper into this paradigm and give me some extra knowledge. I think I'm already on my way on practicing the new me, but will I benefit of the course even more? I think 300 dollars is rather expensive and I have often bought courses for the tenth of the price. But if it's outstanding and really amazing - I'm willing to pay the price. I know you can't put money over happiness and change 😍🙏🙌😃 Thank you so much ❤
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