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Meditation Questions / Re: tenseness in the area of the pituitary gland
« Last post by naki on Today at 07:56:23 AM »
Hello Nilad,

I do either the Breath meditation from the Changing Beliefs & Perceptions or Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind or Tuning in to New Potentials.

My favourite is the Changing Beliefs & Perceptions breath as the pace is a little gentler.  The other 2, although shorter, are quite intense.  You will hear Dr Joe actually instruct you to put 'pressure' on these areas - don't strain, just envision yourself getting through.  You say you enjoy it so you are on track. 

Thanks a lot for the input Naki. Could you give me a hint which meditation(s) to do before?
Love and light
Meditation Questions / Re: Squiggly symbols...!
« Last post by PerfectSunrise on March 27, 2017, 11:33:11 PM »
Many thanks Acoustic Di, that's the one....cheers!  Hope you're feeling better!
Meditation Questions / Re: Feeling energy moving up but remains in the head. Anyone??
« Last post by naki on March 27, 2017, 01:55:33 AM »
Dear Kukana,
Thank you for sharing what you witnessed in Basel.  I certainly am one of those whose meditations are quite physical, i.e. I tremble, shake and 'rattle' quite a lot. My first Blessing of the Centers meditation resulted in the most violent purging (the bowl was my friend for quite a few hours from both vantage points) a few hours later because I had envisioned a fireman's hosepipe blasting my 3rd center open and clean!!!! Nuts? Maybe... or maybe not.  Since then, my energy flows upwards unobstructed, however.

Fortunately, I am not new to meditation so I am not discouraged by physical reactions but as I worked to get deeper into Dr Joe's meditations, I became aware that focusing on the movements was also a way of not detaching from my body.  So, slowly, I began to allow these movements to express without my examination of them and the only thing I look at now is the energy moving up and out of my body.

I love doing the breathing part of the meditations because as DJ explains, it moves thoughts/emotions/mind OUT of the body in preparation for moving the mind out of the body.  He speaks of thoughts in the body as almost obstacles to becoming 'nothingness'.  (I know, it can all begin to sound so whoo hoo BUT if one takes it one step at a time, the Concept becomes an Experience and it makes perfect sense all around).

My first experiences with this breath - even though I have practiced the Kundalini Yoga breath of fire for decades  - was challenging.  I thought I would die from not being able to expand my lungs and hold the breath.  It was as if I had never breathed in my life.  Quite quickly, however, I found a natural rhythm and I am now able to breathe in an up and hold quite seamlessly and by the time I hit the meditation, I am totally open and relaxed.

Like you, however, I have had a dramatic incident happen - it was just last week: I woke up feeling out of sorts and unwilling to do the work.  Despite that, I sat down and started to breathe. Over eagerly, I squeezed everything with such force (I was angry at the blockage I felt was in me) that something happened: first, I felt a surge in my pituitary gland area and after, had a tremendously powerful meditation and experience that left me feeling vulnerable and open to let myself cry (I don't do that very often).

Despite this vulnerability, in my waking life I kept my awareness on my state and chased the thoughts behind the feeling - I wanted to discover what the thought behind the "offeness" was, specifically.  Not long after, I found it!  What a revelation.  However, as I sat down for lunch with my friends (an hour later) they watched my eye fill with blood and by the time I looked at myself, I was surprised.
Did I panic?  NO.  I stopped myself from going into a state of fear and to question too much.  Since then, I have just adjusted the intensity of my 'holding' and of the squeezing and now the effect of the breathing is just as wonderful and my meditations, just as powerful.
I would not worry too much about it.  Breathe more gently; squeeze more gently and ASK FOR GUIDANCE... You will receive it from within.
P.S.  By the way, the eye is clearing really well. No vision disturbance and doctors confirmed that it was a harmless situation.  Point is: take it within your stride.  Take it easy and build up.  You may be holding the breath too long.
Overcoming Health Challenges / Re: Need your help
« Last post by naki on March 27, 2017, 01:15:39 AM »

It is not exactly clear if you are speaking of physical exercise?  If you are referring to the Dr. Joe work - are you practicing it?  Have you experienced it?  Have you read the books so you are familiar with the material and process?  If so, you know your mother's condition best: what is her state of understanding and if you did the morning and evening meditations, for instance, would she be able to follow along?  Without understanding the full situation, it is difficult for anyone to support your answer.
General Discussion / Re: Question about the 8 Enegy Centers
« Last post by eieigoto on March 27, 2017, 12:06:06 AM »
Good day! If you have BOTEC cd there
Meditation Questions / Re: successfully recorded their own meditations?
« Last post by naki on March 26, 2017, 10:58:53 PM »

I am happy if you are even slightly swayed in a positive direction.  Because of where I live, coordinating an attendance to any of DJ's live events is a real commitment.  I am looking forward to when I can do that without concern.  Fortunately, being fluent in Italian I have had the possibility of "attending" a Progressive workshop virtually and being able to relive the full 2 days (albeit in different time) has helped in naturally flowing into the meditations by DJ because his manner of delivery  is in line with the manner in which he teaches/speaks.  It does not sound so out of norm.
I encourage you to keep trying - the You are the Placebo meditation is nice to do and the later ones also sound less "affected". 
Off for my sitting now.  A great day to all.
Peace and "Love yourself enough to do this" (DJ)
Meditation Questions / Re: Squiggly symbols...!
« Last post by naki on March 26, 2017, 10:35:49 PM »
Acoustic Di, Thank you!!
Meditation Questions / Re: Squiggly symbols...!
« Last post by Acoustic Di on March 26, 2017, 08:24:38 AM »
Hi PerfectSunrise,

I knew I had taken some notes from a workshop, lecture or response to someone about this, and here it is, applied to an intention to heal the kidneys. Replace with your specific intention. Toward the end, he says something that lead me to believe the squiggly lines represents energy — healed, healthy energy. I hope this is helpful. It was wonderful for me to read this again, so thank you for your question. (I underlined the line I want to REMEMBER  ;))

Paraphrased Notes:
When you begin to have the intention like healthy kidneys, represented by the letter K, draw 2 squiggly lines around it… I want to be off of dialysis, feel good in my body again — get clear on whatever it represents. Associate all those intentions with the letter K. Think about how you will FEEL when it occurs. Happy, grateful, excited, motivated to get up everyday, free, etc. You have to teach your body emotionally what it will feel like. The emotion teaches the body. You don’t have to know what a kidney looks like… the symbol K could be the shape of a  kidney bean. Once you feel the state of being, LIVE the future in the present moment: you have more time, you are travelling, you are using the toilet… mental rehearsal changes the brain and body like it has already occurred. OBSESS what you are going to do with this new energy. Priming your brain and body. From this new state of being, invest your energy into a new future. Get a medical book and get a picture of two kidneys, draw energy coming out of them, that represents a healthy kidney.
Hello Kukana.  I have not taken the progressive workshop yet so I do not know exactly how you are doing the breathing that makes you pass out.  I have taken an energy healing class where we were informed that rapid breathing might cause one to feel dizzy or pass out, but I don't know if that is what you are doing.  I have done Kriya yoga meditation which involved breathing through the spine and we were advised and taught exercises to do prior to doing the meditation.  I have also tried other kinds of meditations and most of them do recommend exercising prior to meditation to prepare the body for sometimes intense experiences during meditation.  If you are new to meditation, I just posted a link here,732.0.html to the Edgar Cayce basic meditation which includes some basic introductory information as well as exercises to do prior to meditation, including what you might experience during meditation, healing, etc.

My suggestion is to email admin or take the teleclass.  I think your question is something for Dr. Dispenza to answer himself since you did say you have already passed out twice. 
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