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General Discussion / Re: Dr.Joe Dispenza`s fb group problem
« Last post by veky108 on Today at 10:44:44 AM »
IMO Joe Dispenza made a mistake in hiring criteria. He should hire people based on egoless attribute & ability to create LOA style; not hire controlling, egotistic, narcissist, jealous people.

Jealous people should be erased from his organization. In his book, he said he had a vision people fly like birds formation. 'Sabotage' is not egoless criteria.

IMO, you should leave fb forum. She is like a cancer in the JD's system. You can't heal around 'cancerous cell'. In fact none in fb forum will heal. The Truth cannot be discounted. The truth must be presented wholefully, or you won't heal.
They members may get better, but no true healing. The people who are banned are the one who heal, because they are not vibrational match with lies anymore.

Moderator: Are you the same person in fb? Perhaps you can explain us how this suppose to work. If comments are disappearing/blocked mysteriously out of ego, then what is the motives?

Thank you. I agree completely. The problem is that dr.Joe is not hiring people to be admins of the online support fb groups, he can not control that, so the members of the groups can be banned just by the will of the admin unfortunately, and you can`t do anything about it.
Meditation Questions / Re: Intention
« Last post by Walk in Beauty on Today at 07:35:24 AM »
That certainly is part of it Shirley,

I like the Change Game meditation from BH because I practiced being in three different situations when the auto pilot emotions sneak in, somehow it made it easier to recognize and nip them in the bud.

Is there a particular situation you have to navigate when you ask about a concrete practical context? You mentioned fear... is it a general feeling of unease that you’ve felt so long you think it is who you are?

I have some co workers who are very doom and gloom and angry. By turning myself positive, reacting positive when they did their worst, they no longer waste their time with me.

Mostly what I have trouble with is the waiting and wondering. I have conquered anxiety and anger with this, persistence did that. That was easy to believe in, there was only my own will to conquer.

 I manifested my kind, funny, no drama partner into my life. That took three years to meet him... but that was before Dr Joe. I’d watched The Secret. I went through a bunch of guys thinking just because they showed up in my life that made them my match. But I had to go through all of them, new to the dating game, to realize what a gem Steve was when I found him. And he had to finally have enough of an unreciprocated committed relationship to be free to attract.

I’d been impressed by the Matchmaker lady in the Secret, so I made a simple drawing of my face and a man holding me from behind, both of us content and in love. I put that post it on the bathroom mirror and focused on it brushing my teeth twice a day, lol.

Waiting.... yes I would like to manifest a creative job with fun people for better pay and benefits so that is my twice a day focus. But also I want to rejuvenate! Let go of the things that aged me: disappointments, over work, putting others before my own needs.

I read we should reset to the last time we felt our best and meditate on that. For me that was eight years old. It is very easy to feel that carefree bubbling energy and people comment the difference in me. So success in this area keeps me hopeful the better job will come about too.

Keep at it dear one, you’ll get there!
Meditation Questions / Re: Intention
« Last post by St on Today at 05:08:41 AM »
Thanks so much for your reply Walk in Beauty.
I have read Breaking the habit and sometimes do that meditation as I rotate Dr Joe's meditations.

Your description of changing state and the effort and persistence you give it is very motivating.

I was listening to Dr Joe talking about the group (can't remember were they monks? ) trying to change the DNA in w test tube and how visualising alone did nothing and feeling emotion did nothing. .it was only when both were done at the same time that the dna changed.

So if I'm trying to change an emotional state but with no concrete practical context maybe that's not as powerful?

What do you think?

General Discussion / Re: How do you come back to present during the day?
« Last post by martina on April 21, 2018, 02:53:25 PM »
Gwe gwe, Larry

Thank you. You've given me something new to think about...

"The more often we are familiar with that place the more we know it is the truth..."

I will begin to meditate on that, how falling into the void is "home," "the truth," and all that really matters.

BTW, I know I'm changing. I got my income tax numbers back from my accountant. Normally, having to write cheques to the government would have sent me into a fit. But there was no reaction. I was indifferent. I just saw it as moving numbers around. Might as well have told me I have a hole in my sock. For me, this is HUGE. I think I've definitely broken (part) of the habit of being myself. :)


Meditation Questions / Re: Intention
« Last post by Walk in Beauty on April 21, 2018, 09:30:25 AM »
Hi Shirley,

Have you read Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, and done it’s meditations, one of which is playing the Change Game? It is what I did to overcome my anxiety and other emotions. You practise having the emotion you want to feel  clearly imagined, and when some feeling creeps you out you yell in your head, “CHANGE!” And swap the positive in.

 I used to play that meditation on my drive to and from work for six months, man did it help! People probably didn’t give instruction on it because it was from a time when that was all the meditation there was back in the day, lol.

I try not to picture negative things, I’ve been told ANYTHING you picture you draw to you. I suggest photos of people being fearless, brave, adventurous.

I was feeling a bit anxious this morning and I took a few minutes to pump love for all of creation into my heart. Then it’s just a step away from doing the walking meditation, basically being grateful for my future, as I went on with house chores.

Hope this helps!
Meditation Questions / Intention
« Last post by St on April 21, 2018, 07:00:34 AM »
Hi. I have been gradually becoming more committed to doing Dr Joe's meditations for a while now and the more I do the more there is to learn.

The intentions that I see people having in testimonials or listening to Dr Joe speaking seem to mostly be concrete things such as a new job, relationship or healing of a health issue.

So in the meditations the intention is seen then the emotions experienced as if the intention is manifested now.

My intention is to change a habit of fear, anxiety and control. So in meditation my intention might be to be free from fear. .but that's the same as the emotion I would feel. .freedom from fear. .

Do I need to find something concrete?
Maybe I could have a picture of a situation that would normally induce fear but see myself in it free from fear?

This seems different than having an intention such as the new job where the corresponding emotion would automatically be joy and gratitude etc.

I did find a few testimonials where people spoke of breaking through anxiety and depression but they didn't go into detail about what they pictured in meditating.

I would appreciate ideas and wisdom!

Meanwhile I will keep playing with it.

Many thanks and love


General Discussion / Re: How do you come back to present during the day?
« Last post by Larry on April 20, 2018, 11:16:58 AM »

"the void - that in-between place, which, I guess, is infinity. "

Yup that is the place, it takes practice to get there. The more often we are familiar with that place the more we know it is the truth. Therefore if that is the truth there is nothing that stands in the way of our divinity.

That is how people heal and change their lives.
General Discussion / Re: How do you come back to present during the day?
« Last post by martina on April 20, 2018, 10:55:37 AM »
Hi Larry,

Hmmmm - about feeling divine and infinite. This is an interesting question.

Although I often feel ungrounded, I'm not sure that's automatically coupled with feeling divine or infinite.
Even when I meditate, I don't reach for those words/thoughts. I just think of letting go and falling into the void - that in-between place, which, I guess, is infinity.

The only time I really think of the divine/infinity is when I'm in nature. I'm in awe when I'm in the forest. The trees, the rocks, the rivers, the cliffs, the smell of pine! I look at all this amazing life that's all around me, that has been here eons before I arrived, and will be here much longer after I'm gone. I'm part of all that, but I see myself merely as a migrating bird, just passing through, and sitting on a branch for a time. We're so fleeting. So small. Looking up at the sky/stars has the same effect.

Interesting - I just had the thought that I use nature to come to the present, and also to feel infinite and divine.

Don't know if this helps you at all. I will have to meditate on this some. :)
(I also just came in from giving a tour at the zoo which always leaves me whacked. I pour so much of myself into them.)

Sken:nen (peace)
General Discussion / Re: How to Cure Depression, in my own words.
« Last post by Larry on April 20, 2018, 09:10:38 AM »
I think the point is to realize there are no victims

General Discussion / Re: How do you come back to present during the day?
« Last post by Larry on April 20, 2018, 09:08:32 AM »
Thanks Martina I love this phrase

"I really pay attention to the physicality of what I'm doing."

I guess my question could also be: What tool do you use to remind yourself that you are divine and infinite?

How do you know?

The answers would let a lot of people surrender more easily.

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